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FoodCell starts shipping, and seeks international distributors & retailers

FoodCell food carrier on Cervelo bike - side view

The FoodCell from UK start-up FlowCell had its official launch in July, with shipping of the final version of the product now under way. The accessory is an innovative nutrition storage unit, or ‘bento box’ for triathlon, time trials and those simply seeking nutrition storage for a day’s riding.

The FlowCell team notes that marketing for FoodCell is now under way to support the brand roll-out. FlowCell is also looking for distributors & retailers in the UK, EU and USA. The RRP is £44.99 and the company adds that it can ‘offer good margins to retail partners’.

Essentially, the FoodCell unit is a ‘bento box’, nutrition carrier that sits on a bike’s top tube. We put a prototype through its paces back in June 2017

The packaging of the product has a premium, professional feel; and the unit itself is well-designed – fitting to the top tube either by velcro straps or two (M5) bolts for those framesets containing bolts in the top-tube.

Using it out on the road, it is apparent that there are some key USPs to the FoodCell product:

  • It has a slider opening that gives easy access to all nutrition whilst riding (either in an aero tuck or standard riding position). This easy access opening also means that nutrition wrappers are less fiddly to put back into the unit. So, time penalties for littering (accidental or otherwise) can be avoided.
  • Once the entire storage unit is attached to the top tube, either by bolts or velcro closures, the main FoodCell unit itself is detachable. This is a handy feature for popping nutrition onto the bike just before a race gets under way; and it also allows the main unit to be cleaned separately.



FlowCell developer and FoodCell Managing Director Mark Tallon said, “It has been an exciting ride to get this product to market and we wanted to do it right. We spent the time in pre-production and prototyping to take on board the comments from reviewers to deliver an exceptionally designed and functional product.”

He added, “We believe the FoodCell really meets the need of the long course triathlete and sportive cyclists looking for not only a beautiful looking product but also one that is effective in its level of storage and aerodynamics but can fit almost any triathlon/TT bike and road bike.”




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