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Free spin classes for Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw participants


On the last Sunday of November at the Artis Wellness Club in Warsaw, there will be free spin classes for registered participants of next year’s edition of Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw. The spin session has a limited number of 20 places and will be run by experienced instructors. All registration details can be found at www.5150warsaw.com, where athletes can also sign up for the event itself, using the current early bird price of €100.

Next year’s event will take place on June 16, 2019. The local organising team at Sport Evolution note that, in only 10 days since registration for Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw opened, more than 700 competitors are already on the starting list. This represents around half of all available places.

“There is still seven months to compete, but today we can say that the interest in starting in Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw is very large,” said event spokeswoman Ewa Paciorek from Sport Evolution.

“The cheapest packages ended within an hour of starting the subscriptions. We are extremely pleased with the trust of the triathletes, especially since many participants come back to us once again. That is why we meet the expectations of the players, offering them support at every stage of their preparations. As the weather finally reflects the season and the conditions for outdoor exercise are more and more limited, we start with spinning training.”

The first spin classes, under the supervision of an experienced trainer, will take place on Sunday November 25, at the Wilanów Artis Wellness Club – starting at 10:00 CET. Spin training sessions will take place weekly until March 3, 2019. Each of will last an hour.

“Running classes on bikes gives me great satisfaction,” said Mikołaj Pytel, an experienced instructor who will lead the first classes. “I specialize in training with an emphasis on strength, speed and endurance. I am counting on you to join me and practice together before the start in the Warsaw competition.”

The organizers of Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw also want to encourage participants in their next stages of preparations. Therefore, at the turn of February and March, the are inviting you to take part in a triathlon camp in Fuerteventura. Details of the trip can also be found on the event website.

Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw will be held over the Olympic triathlon distance – 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km of cycling, 10 km of running. Athletes can start individually or in a three-person relay. The current price of the entry package is €100, and after reaching 1000 entrants, this will increase to €120. As part of the entry fee, athletes receive an official backpack, a welcome banquet coupon, a finisher t-shirt and a commemorative medal at the finish line.



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