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From hydro through to aero: HUUB unveils Anemoi tri suit

Last week HUUB released another product off the back of its long-term Anemoi project. The latest addition to the company’s growing rage of triathlon specific products – the HUUB Anemoi tri suit – is billed as a ‘true and tested aerodynamic, time-saving triathlon suit’.

In expanding its Anemoi product offering HUUB sought the input from ex Mercedes-AMG Petronas aerodynamic performance engineer Dan Bigham. His extensive knowledge of aerodynamics was used to understand what can make a triathlete faster.

HUUB adds that ‘Dan isn’t just about data; he is also passionate about usability and function which comes from being an athlete himself – a 10x national cycling champion and triathlete.’



“We wanted to ensure this suit wasn’t just fast on our World and Olympic champions but was fast on every size, shape and speed of rider,” Dan Bigham explained. “As is well documented, aerodynamics are incredibly rider specific, and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. To this end, we strived to develop a suit that worked consistently for every rider we could get our hands on, and not just in a wind tunnel but while riding on a bike. We believe we have achieved this!”

Bigham has helped HUUB athletes Alistair Brownlee and David McNamee go faster, not only through positioning and equipment choices but also with the help of the new Anemoi Aero Tri Suit.



HUUB’s founder, Dean Jackson, added, “The only way to create something great is to rewrite the rule book and change expectations. Our collaboration with Dan has resulted in a remarkably effective product. The Anemoi Project doesn’t stop here! Yes, we have created an incredibly fast suit, but this is just the beginning of a long-running project.

“We will keep digging into the interesting world of cycling aerodynamics, utilizing what we find to progress our development and bring faster products to you.”

The HUUB Anemoi tri suit is priced at £289.99. Available in two colour options it features patented Neoprene Trip Technology, Arms Neutral design for swim comfort and aero efficiency, and lightweight, quick-drying Coldblack fabric to help manage temperature.




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