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From run to bike: Hyland’s expands commitment to cycling market

Hyland’s, a cramp relief product for competitive athletes, is expanding its commitment in the endurance market and within the cycling community through cycling club partnerships, elite event sponsorships, sampling programs and more.

A multi-year, official sponsor of the iconic Boston Marathon, Hyland’s has built a reputation among marathon athletes for providing a product that assists those striving for the finish line. The homeopathic medicine company is now seeking to utilize its experience within the running network to support athletes in the cycling community.

“Supporting athletes of all disciplines has become a priority for Hyland’s,” said Hyland’s President, Les Hamilton. “We are proud to have our award-winning leg cramp products in all 26 aid stations throughout the Boston Marathon race course and in the pockets of hundreds of cyclists across the country. Now we have the opportunity to showcase a group of incredible athletes via a sponsorship of NBC Sports’ Tour de France programming.”

Hyland’s is continuing its advertorial relationship with NBC and the Tour de France in 2018. As the most revered bike race in the world, the partnership will allow Hyland’s to leverage NBC’s extensive network to connect with cyclists on the world’s biggest stage. The 21-stage bike race started on July 7th and will total over 2,000 miles.

For the Tour de France advertorial spot, Hyland’s featured fellow Southern California group and partner, Swami’s Cycling Club in the 30 second commercial airing on NBC Sports. Swami’s is one of the most recognized cycling clubs in the greater San Diego area and is known for its Saturday Swami Rides, which have attracted some of the top cyclists in the world.

Hyland’s network of sport cycling clubs spans both coasts, including a partnership with the Blue Ridge Bicycling Club (BRBC) based in Western North Carolina. With over 600 active members, the club is one of the most prominent riding groups in the area, known for its local events and outspoken voice in the community fighting for bike related causes.

Hyland’s sponsorship of both Swami’s and BRBC is reinforced with sampling at local cycling events across the United States, including prominent races such as the Gran Fondo National Championship Series and the Farm to Fork Fondo series.




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