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Getting set for winter with GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY jacket


The GORE C5 1985 GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY insulated jacket is a ‘body warming, high spec jacket for aspirational road riders’. According to Gore Wear, the jacket delivers the best possible protection in the cold and wet whilst offering maximum breathability.

‘This jacket is the first of its kind to combine all the plus points of the revolutionary GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY product technology with the lightweight, highly breathable insulation material Polartec Alpha.’

The days are getting shorter, temperatures are falling, and cold, wet weather has begun to gnaw away at cyclist’s motivation across the northern hemisphere. With this in mind, Gore Wear adds that with the GORE C5 1985 GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY insulated jacket, road riders now have another reason to head out into the elements and continue doing their sport.

At the heart of this jacket is the award-winning GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY product technology. Billed as being ‘totally waterproof and extremely breathable’, this technology eliminates the face textile, causing water to simply bead on the surface of the garment and roll off. Furthermore, it is the lightest GORE-TEX fabric on the market.

The GORE C5 1985 GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY insulated jacket pairs this technology with the Polartec Alpha insulation, a polyester knit featuring low-density fibres that allows sweat to move freely to the outside.

“We chose this versatile insulation material because it is unbelievably light and dries incredibly quickly,” said Gore Wear Product Manager Jürgen Erd. “Also, when it’s paired with GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY, its high level of breathability really comes into its own.”

A claimed benefit for riders is that ‘they will not experience that chilling effect’. Even on strenuous uphill climbs or longer rides, moisture is drawn away from the body – and ‘cannot penetrate from the outside’. This eliminates the need to layer and shed as the day progresses.

Olympic gold medallist and GORE ambassador Fabian Cancellara added, “This jacket is the perfect enhancement to the GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY technology. Even on winter rides it keeps me dry and well protected.”

Other details include an adjustable collar with Velcro, a back zipped pocket, sleeves featuring elastic cuffs and partially elastic hems, plus reflective logos and prints. The GORE C5 1985 GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY insulated jacket will begin to launch at retail in matt black and grey.



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