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Group discount promotion for Gran Fondo Gdynia entries


The organisers of Gran Fondo Gdynia in Poland have unveiled a promotion for groups of riders at next year’s event. The second edition of the event will take place on 1-2 June 2019. With riders saving up to 25% on the entry fee, the organisers noted, ‘The bigger the team, the greater the discount!’

“Groups of riders of at least 5 people can use the group discount,” said Ewa Paciorek, PR Manager at Sport Evolution – the company behind the event. “Each subsequent 5 people can benefit from an additional 5% discount. With a group of 25 people or more, the cost of the entry fee can be reduced by up to a quarter.”

Paciorek continued, “Of course, the discount is calculated on the current starting fee rate, which increases with each month. That is why it is not worth delaying the decision. By the end of November, the starting fee for Gran Fondo Gdynia is €40. From December 1, you will have to pay €10 more for the opportunity to start in our event.”



Applications for Gran Fondo Gdynia take place through the SlotMarket.pl platform. In 6 weeks since registration was opened, almost 800 amateur cyclists from over a dozen countries have confirmed their participation in the event.

“In the largest Gran Fondo events in the world, 10-12 thousand cyclists compete,” said Michał Drelich, Event Director at Gran Fondo Gdynia. “We hope that over the next few years we will be able to catch up with the European leaders, and at the start of our race, 5,000 cyclists will report every year. We are striving for that.”

Next June, riders will have two distances to choose from – 80km and 134km. The start and finish of the competition are located on the Kosciuszko Square in Gdynia. As part of the event, there are also competitions for children Gran Fondo Kids, as well as a Bike Expo.



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