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Humon measures muscle oxygen use in real-time


Wearables specialist Humon has revealed its latest list of elite coaches and athletes endorsing the company’s muscle oxygen monitor. Included on the list is Jamaican sprinter Briana Williams’s coach, Ato Boldon. This summer, Briana Williams upset the field to win the U20 World 200m and 100m gold – Jamaica’s first since 2000.

The Humon Hex is billed as the first clinically validated wearable to monitor muscle oxygen levels in real-time, providing personalized training insights. Athletes are guided through a display of coloured training zones that can be used to adjust pace on a phone, watch, or bike computer.

“Briana and I ensure that she’s training optimally through checkpoints to learn about the way her body is reacting to exercise,” said specialist coach Ato Boldon, a four time Olympic medal winner and current ESPN and NBC track analyst. “We know that muscle oxygen is the most accurate indicator of exertion and recovery. This type of monitoring is the future.”

More recently, UFC Flyweight champ Henry Cejudo joined the list of athletes using Humon – his coach revealed he had been leveraging Humon’s technology to monitor training intensity while prepping for the athlete’s fight.

“As a clinical exercise physiologist working with populations ranging from circulatory and neuromuscular disorders to Olympic athlete, Humon not only exceeded our expectations and quality standards, but is also non-invasive, simple to use and comfortable,” said Kevin Longoria, Cejudo’s coach and CSO for Neuroforce1

“I highly recommend Humon as a valuable tool to my colleagues and athletes of all sports & competitive levels.”

“Muscle Oxygen is recognized among elites as the best metric for effort. Humon brings the benefits of this method to every athlete,” added Alessandro Babini, CEO and co-founder of Humon.

Born out of MIT, Humon adds that it is on a mission to empower athletes with actionable insights about their bodies through integrated technology. Coach Ato Boldon serves as an advisor to Humon, providing his expertise in elite training.

Humon Hex has a regular price of US$295, with new units shipped on November 1st, 2018. The Humon Hex Coaching Bundle (2 units) has a regular price of US$590 and a sale price of US$500.



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