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HUUB releases third version of Aegis wetsuit

HUUB Aegis III Wetsuit Family - mens and womens wetsuits

Derby, UK-based wetsuit and apparel specialist HUUB has released the third version of its Aegis wetsuits – for men and women.

The company notes that its Aegis was HUUB’s first mid-range wetsuit product offering to ‘take inspiration and key features from the brands’ top-end names such as Aerious and Archimedes, making it a best seller, always offering both performance and value for money, and therefore commanding the market at that price point.’

HUUB’s founder and owner Dean Jackson, commented, “The Aegis family of suits offer much more than the price would suggest – with features descending from our flagship Archimedes; it has created a price point defining suit that delivers more than expectations.”

So what can athletes expect for the Aegis III’s price tag of £299.99? HUUB notes that the suit includes its exclusive X- O Skeleton ‘for exceptional alignment and stroke efficiency’; meanwhile, ‘superior panel patterns offer Rotational Freedom and ease of stroke, plus a Breakawy Zipper’ for delivering a fast transition from swim to bike.

The wetsuit provides athletes with HUUB’s exclusive buoyancy levels of 3:5 for men and 3:3 for women. A sleeveless version is also available. Explicitly designed for triathletes, the Aegis III is positioned as being perfect for the beginner as well as ‘the serious or expert triathlete who want both comfort and performance on race day.’




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