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Inaugural TriStar Lugano in June 2019


After the first edition of TriStar Switzerland in Rorschach in 2017, a second triathlon of this reborn series will take place in Switzerland. Taking place on 23 June 2019, the inaugural TriStar Lugano will be held in Canton Ticino in the south of Switzerland.

The city of Lugano will hold a TriStar 55.5 event (500m swim, 50km bike, 5km run). The organising team note that the shorter swimming and running distances coupled with a bike-centric format should attract top athletes, as well as amateurs. For upcoming editions in Lugano there are additional TriStar formats planned.

TriStar Lugano starts at the beach of the Lido Lugano – with the finish line in front of the impressive Villa Ciani. The start at Lido di Lugano will take place with athletes running into Lake Lugano. After 500m of swimming the athletes arrive at the transition inside the Lido area.



The bike route incorporates a hilly route along the lake towards Pregassona over Valcolla, while returning towards Lugano and the area of Capriasca. Thereafter, athletes reach the town of Canobbio. After 50km of biking a run of 5km takes the athletes along the promenade of Lugano towards Paradiso along the street Riva Caccia.

The finish line is located inside the park ‘Parco Ciani’ just in front of the historical Villa Ciani with its view across Lake Lugano and the surrounding hills.

Participating athletes will be able to register and check-in their bikes on two days of the race weekend. There will be possibilities for bike check-in on Saturday afternoon as well as on early Sunday morning.

The implementation of the event’s activities will be complemented by the local organizing committee of Triathlon di Lugano, President Dante Sala & Vice-President Davide Santini.

From 2010 to 2012 TriStar grew rapidly, with a total of 25 events held and participation from over 30,000 athletes hailing from Europe, the Caribbean and North and South America. After a four-year break, on 2-3 September 2017 the TriStar event brand’s relaunch took place in Rorschach (Switzerland).

222 (2 km swimming, 200 km cycling, 20 km running)
111 (1 km swimming, 100 km cycling, 10 km running)
55.5 (500 m swimming, 50 km cycling, 5 km running)
33.3 (300 m swimming, 30 km cycling, 3 km running)
11.1 (100 m swimming, 10 km cycling, 1 km running)
200 (169 km cycling, 1 km swimming, 30 km running)

TriStar Lugano takes place on 23 June 2019 with athletes taking on the TriStar 55.5 format. TriStar Rorschach will be held on 7 July 2019 with TriStar 55.5 and 111 distances available.



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