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Indoor Triathlon presented by Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw


Taking place on February 16, 2019, a sprint triathlon race under one roof will be held at the Academy of Physical Education facilities in Warsaw. The indoor triathlon is positioned as a preparation event for athletes participating in Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw, which is being held on June 16, 2019.

The indoor triathlon is seen as a further commitment by the race organising team at Sport Evolution to have athletes fully prepared when they arrive at the start line next June. The company also recently announced that it is offering free spin classes for registered participants of next year’s edition of Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw.

Indoor triathlon participants will have to swim 600m in a pool, cycle 15k and run 3k. Registration for the competition starts on December 10 at 14:00 CET.

The organising team at Sport Evolution noted that ‘Indoor Triathlon presented by Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw is an offer for all triathletes who want to test their form, and race in a period when competition in the open air is impossible.’

“We organize this competition because we want to help the triathletes survive the winter and support their preparations for the summer season and the start of the competition Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw,” said Michał Drelich, Managing Director of Sport Evolution.

Participants of the indoor triathlon will be divided into starting waves in a 25m pool. They will cycle the distance of 15k on indoor static bikes, with the final 3k run on a treadmill. The time limit for completing the entire distance is 70 minutes.

Enea IRONMAN 5150 Warsaw is organized under licence from IRONMAN. The Olympic distance event has become a permanent and popular fixture in the calendar of sports events in the Polish capital. In 2018, over 1,300 people participated in the event. There are reportedly already over 800 names on the start list of next year’s edition.



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