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INpower from ROTOR powers up with integrated technology

The new generation of ROTOR’s INpower power meters for both road and MTB disciplines scooped a Eurobike Gold Award for its integration of power measurement technology at the core of the crankset design. According to ROTOR, this means INpower power meters ‘provide precise and comprehensive data to improve your pedalling performance.’

Following 2016’s Eurobike award for 2INpower ROAD, INpower ROAD received the prestigious Gold Award at Eurobike 2018. This has helped to boost the company in the increasingly competitive connected bike segment.

Riders can sync INpower with the ROTOR Power smartphone app to track real time performance data including power output, cadence, pedal smoothness and torque effectiveness. Proprietary metric TORQUE 360 analyzes the level of force in each point of the rotation of the crankset in real time.

In addition, OCA (Optimum Chainring Angle) determines the angle in degrees, measured from the upper dead spot (with the cranks perpendicular to the floor) in which the effort barycenter (area enclosed by the torque/force curve) is shown in the TORQUE 360 graph.

Powered via a standard AA battery that ‘lasts up to 300 hours’, all electronics are housed inside the sealed water-proof axle for centred rotational weight & maximum device protection.

Following February’s launch of 2INpower MTB and a regeneration of 2INpower ROAD, INpower users can now also benefit from ROTOR’S proprietary Direct Mount interface with a range of chainring options in both Q RING and the Round chainring for a lightweight solution. Riders can connect to a cycling device or smartphone via Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ to access advanced metrics.

Product pricing (without chainrings)
INpower DM Road crankset: MSRP €699.99 / US$799.99
INpower DM MTB crankset: MSRP €699.99 / US$799.99
2INpower DM Road crankset: MSRP €1,299.99 / US$1,400
2INpower DM MTB crankset: MSRP €1,199.99 / US$1,300




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