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‘Fastest ever road helmet’: KASK unveils Utopia

Kask Utopia Team Sky helmet

KASK has unveiled its most aerodynamic road helmet, which be available to buy later this year. The Utopia offers the ‘very latest technology in aerodynamics and ventilation, giving cyclists a super-fast ride while retaining excellent safety and cooling capabilities.’

Like many other KASK helmets, Utopia has been developed with Team Sky to ensure the helmet is ‘designed and tested in the toughest conditions possible and able to withstand the demands of even the most prolific riders.’

Team Sky will first race using Utopia in the Santos Tour Down Under, according to the stage profiles, and will wear the new helmet in white to match the team’s new look for 2018.

Ylenia Battistello, KASK’s Cycling Brand Manager, said “We are excited to extend our road helmet range and continue to push the boundaries even further with Utopia. We are really grateful to have such talented athletes on hand to test our products at the highest level, and have access to such hi-tech facilities in order to ensure design perfection.”

Carsten Jeppesen, Team Sky Head of Technical Operations and Commercial, said “When it comes to aerodynamics there is little that is more important than the helmet, but it’s not just about aerodynamics – the safety of our riders is our first priority, and KASK share this philosophy. In addition to this our riders need comfort, breathability, temperature management and style, all of which contribute towards optimizing performance.

“Working with KASK on the development of the Utopia has enabled us to hone in on many of these areas to produce a fully tested, well-rounded helmet, which proves to be a great addition to the versatile KASK range.”




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