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Latest tri destination: Long Island… Croatia


With its turquoise waters and a host of islands, each with its own identity and idiosyncrasies, Croatia in central Europe is an up-and-coming triathlon destination. Embracing the popularity of all things multisport, the inaugural Triathlon Long Island will take place on September 23rd, 2018 on Dugi Otok (Croatian for ‘Long Island’) in the Adriatic Sea.

The island race venue is located off the Dalmatian coast, west of the Zadar city. Living up to its name, Dugi Otok, or ‘long island’, stretches from northwest to southeast. It is 43km long and just 4km wide. The southeastern coast is marked by steep hills and cliffs, while the northern half is cultivated with vineyards, orchards and sheep pastures. In between is a series of hills rising to 338m at Vela Straža, the island’s highest point.

The middle distance Triathlon Long Island starts at Sakarun Bay, and comprises one lap of 1900m swimming. A sandy bottom and shallow waters make this typically calm cove a popular tourist destination. Athletes then head south on 90km long bike course with 1266m elevation – riding towards National Park Telašćica in the southeastern part of island, while never keeping the deep blue seascape of the Adriatic Sea within sight.

The one loop bike course will be closed for public traffic and finishes near Telašćica. Next, the 21km run course takes in National Park Telašćica. During the run, athletes will be able to enjoy some views of all the surrounding islands – encompassing sea views and mountains further north.

Triathlon Long Island finishes in Sali, the municipal and administrative centre of Dugi Otok and the settlement with the largest population, located on the northeastern coast of the island.

“Dugi Otok is, as its name suggests, the longest island of the Zadar archipelago and offers everything that is needed for organizing a unique triathlon experience: a long road and the beautiful sea,” said Ivan Perić, one of the race organizers and a member of Triathlon Club Zadar.

He continued, “Swimming at the sandy beach of Sakarun, cycling along the length of the breath-taking island of Dugi Otok (from Sakarun to Telašćica Nature Park) and continuing with running through the park takes the power of the entire experience to a whole new level, while also stimulating our motivation to be even faster and better. Join us on this beautiful triathlon adventure and see why you’ll never forget Dugi Otok.”



“We appreciate the team from Triathlon Club Zadar recognizing the opportunity this premier triathlon event brings for Dugi Otok in our island’s sports tourism development,” added Ivana Čorić, Director of the Tourist Board of Dugi Otok.

“All our guests come to tell us not to change anything, to preserve the island’s natural beauty and mystery. That’s why our slogan is ‘undiscovered island’. The island is characterized by a dramatic landscape of great contrast, with steep slopes, thick pine forests, numerous sandy beaches, hidden bays, and coves. It is a perfect place for those in search of tranquillity and relaxing holidays, swimming in the stunningly turquoise sea, enjoying sea and sun. We do hope all the participants will enjoy our magnificent island as we are delighted to welcome them.”

Registration has already opened. All athletes from Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia have a 40% discount on the entry fee. For a code name, go to the website contact. All participants who book their accommodation with a partner of the event are entitled to a 20% discount on accommodation.

Registration fees for Triathlon Long Island until 15 July:
• Licenced athletes – €70
• For non-licenced athletes there is additional fee of €10
• Relay race (licenced & non-licenced) – €90

Registration fees for Triathlon Long Island from 15 July until 1 September
• Licensed athletes – €100
• For non-licenced athletes there is additional fee of €10
• Relay race (licensed & non-licenced) – €120



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