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Latin America expansion with new TOUGHMAN Chile Futrono

TOUGHMAN Chile Futrono logo

The expanding TOUGHMAN series has confirmed a new addition to the series, with TOUGHMAN Chile Futrono set to take place in February 2019 in Futrono, southern Chile. Joining previously confirmed events in Arica and Quillon, TOUGHMAN Chile Futrono is now one of three TOUGHMAN series races scheduled in Chile.

The organising team note that the new race’s festival weekend will have an Olympic triathlon as well as the featured event, TOUGHMAN Chile Futrono. TOUGHMAN Chile Futrono will be the first of 14 qualifiers for the TOUGHMAN series for 2019 with qualifying slots to the TOUGHMAN Championship sponsored by Morgan Stanley that will take place on September 15th in NY.

All qualifiers will be eligible for the cash purse, while age group qualifiers will compete for over US$30,000 worth of awards.

Coverage of all TOUGHMAN series races will be through media partner Triathlete Magazine, billed as ‘the number one publication and website in the sport’. Premium Plus Sports will be offering travel packages to all TOUGHMAN Chile races and the TOUGHMAN NY Championship for athletes who qualify or want to race the open division. Events.com will also be offering race insurance, a new product that allows athletes that get injured to get reimbursed for registration fees.

Athletes in South America will have the opportunity to race in Argentina, Chile (at three separate locations), and Brazil as well as Puerto Rico to get a spot to race in the Championship in 2019.

The TOUGHMAN team adds that ‘independent race directors looking to expand please contact us for details concerning joining the TOUGHMAN brand.’

The TOUGHMAN Series currently consists of more than a dozen races in the US and other parts of the world, with current events in Futrono, Chile; Paulinia, Brazil; San Pedro, Argentina; Arica, Chile; Quillon, Chile; Mayaguez, Puerto Rico; and stateside events in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Utah, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The TOUGHMAN Series Championship in Stony Point New York, just 20 miles north of New York city, offers over US$30,000 in age-group awards, a US$4,950 cash purse (top 5) for qualifiers, a scenic bike course, and over 1,400 race support volunteers.




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