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Launch: new event packet pickup solution from Athlinks

Packet pickup - photo Athlinks Services

Athlinks is aiming for a seamless athlete & race organiser experience with Launch, its newly released offline bib assignment and packet pickup solution. Athlinks adds that an athlete’s packet pickup experience can set the tone for the entire race day. The race management and results specialist points to challenges faced by race organisers in terms of: the filing of stacks of paper waivers, and a need for an intuitive process for volunteers to check athletes into a race.

According to Athlinks, its new Launch offering can benefit race organisers in a number of ways:

  • Event organizers have a real-time count on how many people have checked in, making volunteer staffing more accurate as the day progresses.
  • The self-service athlete kiosk view allows athletes to manually look themselves up or scan a barcode to find their bib number and check for accuracy of their information.
  • Volunteers can check-in athletes and assign bibs/tags without the need for internet connectivity. With the unique kiosk router connection, any information updated on one volunteer kiosk will update in real-time with the other volunteer kiosks to ensure no duplications occur.
  • All changes made offline auto-sync with ChronoTrack Live when internet connection becomes available.
  • Electronic waivers are available for athletes to sign at packet pickup and then stored in the cloud for safekeeping.
  • Athlete bib lookup, packet pickup, and bib/tag assignments are all processed faster and more accurately; eliminating manual processing errors and post-event admin work after the race.

Athlinks adds that Launch is a packet pickup solution for all race sizes. Whether a race is a 100 participant Fun Run or a large-scale event with 50,000+ participants, Launch provides packet-pickup tools that are ‘bundled into an easy to use, intuitive package’. Launch was designed with race directors and timers in mind.

As Athlinks points out, ‘All the information you need is available at a glance because we focused on the core complexity of a packet pickup, and cut out the fluff.’



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