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LEOMO gets into motion in the UK market with TYPE-R

LEOMO has announced the launch of the TYPE-R motion analysis wearable in the United Kingdom on August 1st. According to the company, the TYPE-R is first in a new category of wearable technologies specifically designed to help competitive athletes and their coaches unlock the power of motion analysis.

‘As a wearable motion measurement tool for athletes, the TYPE-R breaks down the potential inefficiencies of your body movements during cycling.’

LEOMO’s TYPE-R is available for sale to the public, priced at £699 from 1st August 2018. (including VAT, plus shipping fee) for the UK.

Via a campaign to push the new product (‘The wait is over campaign’) LEOMO is offering a special discount to customers located in the UK who sign up before the following dates:

20% discount: July 14th 00:00 (CET) – July 20th 23:59 (CET)
15% discount: July 21th 00:00 (CET) – July 27th 23:59 (CET)
10% discount: July 28th 00:00 (CET) – July 31st 23:59 (CET)

An individual discount code will be provided after the launch date.

According to LEOMO, until now, motion analysis of an athlete has been limited to an occasional session in labs or studios. ‘These occasional indoor sessions do not accurately depict real-world training/race environments and have also been known to boast a hefty price.’

LEOMO’s TYPE-R is claimed to pioneer the field of portable motion analysis as it allows athletes, their coaches, and bike fitters to ‘collect real-time data in any environment that captures the essence of training and racing conditions.’

WiFi-data enabled, the TYPE-R lets users upload their data to the cloud. LEOMO’s web-browser based analytics dashboard then gives users an overview of their day to day activities. It enables users to proceed with an analysis that integrates motion data with power, cadence, speed, heart rate, elevation, and more.

For athletes: The TYPE-R aims to close the gap between an athlete’s own intuition about their cycling motion and objective measurements. By delivering data in real-time, such measurements become visible and allow athletes to be aware of good technique and key movements that are tied to their performance.

For coaches: Assessing athletes’ motion with the naked eye can be inconsistent; and the TYPE-R can assist coaches to validate such assessments with supporting data. In addition to their experience, coaches are now ‘equipped with information to make data-driven decision-making such that their clients receive precision-focused training strategies that provide competitive edges.’ With the ability to handle data in the cloud, coaches can also monitor their remote clients’ conditions and training progress.

LEOMO is working with coaches such as elite USA Triathlon and USA Cycling certified coach and sports scientist, Neal Henderson, to test the TYPE-R with elite athletes. “Understanding motion is fundamental to understanding the body, so the TYPE-R provides valuable insights to help give me and my athletes a competitive edge,” said Henderson. “Coupled with power and other metrics, it can help me objectively quantify and evaluate an athlete’s movement accurately in the field – and in real time – which has not been possible until now.”

Sebastian Weber, a professional cycling coach of multiple world champion, Tony Martin, and the founder of the STAPS human performance lab in Germany, said, “TYPE-R is a perfect complement to power measurement capabilities. I think the TYPE-R will bring the power of motion analysis out of the lab and into our cyclists’ world for the first time, filling a void that’s currently missing in their arsenal.”

Weber added, “And I am convinced that the TYPE-R will provide valuable insights into our athletes’ motion and give them a competitive edge.”

The LEOMO TYPE-R consists of a touchscreen head unit and five small, lightweight rechargeable Bluetooth sensors, each with its own three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer. Worn on the thighs, feet, pelvis and/or torso, TYPE-R’s motion sensors record the rider’s movements at 100 data points per second. The real-time display aids the understanding of an athlete’s form and techniques to provide insights into their performance.

LEOMO was founded by Kunihiko Kaji and Taizo Son in 2012. The company is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with a satellite office in Tokyo, Japan. With 39 employees (as of July 2018), LEOMO’s core business is to ‘sell, design and manufacture devices and related services that contribute to advancements in sports.’




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