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Let the wind blow: Wahoo introduces the KICKR HEADWIND


Wahoo Fitness – a leader in workout apps and connected fitness devices – has announced a range of new products and updates, bolstering its ecosystem of indoor training equipment. Unveiling a new version of the brand’s KICKR smart trainer, the new wheel-off KICKR CORE trainer and the all-new KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan, the innovative new products aim to ‘offer a complete range of connected devices to create the ultimate indoor riding experience.’

The new KICKR has been redesigned to drastically reduce both the sound amplification and pitch making it a ‘virtually silent trainer’; this creates what Wahoo calls an ideal indoor acoustic riding experience, especially for those living in shared buildings or training at night. Other updates include a heavier flywheel that combines with real-time responsiveness and precise power measurements (up to 2,200 watts). The new KICKR is available for sale now at wahoofitness.com and other leading retailers for a price of £999.99.

The Wahoo KICKR CORE features KICKR’s flywheel technology and real ride feel. The KICKR CORE features a compact design, accurate power measurement and compatibility with a wide range of bikes and training platforms. KICKR CORE will be available for sale later this summer for £699.99.

“We’re excited to be updating and expanding our indoor training line-up with the new KICKR and KICKR CORE,” said Wahoo Founder and CEO Chip Hawkins. “With these new KICKRs, we’re continuing to refine and improve the experience of indoor training. The newest versions offer cyclists the quietest, most realistic ride feel we’ve ever created, while still maintaining compatibility with a wide range of gravel, cyclocross, mountain, and road bikes ensuring that all athletes will be able to take advantage of our newest KICKR line-up.”

Into the wind
Complementing all KICKR smart trainers is the new KICKR HEADWIND Smart Fan, the first purpose-built, smart fan designed specifically for the needs of indoor cyclists. By connecting with heart rate and speed sensors, the new KICKR Headwind automatically delivers a realistic, powerful headwind (up to 30mph) and simulates the air flow a cyclist feels when riding on the road. The KICKR HEADWIND is compatible with all Wahoo smart training devices and integrates into Wahoo’s smart training ecosystem. It also pairs with third-party smart trainers. The KICKR HEADWIND will be priced at £199.99 and will be available this summer.

Chip Hawkins noted that with KICKR HEADWIND, cyclists will be able to fully immerse themselves in the riding experience. “If you’re riding outside, the amount of wind you feel increases as you ride harder. With HEADWIND, we can deliver that experience indoors, while also helping athletes to push harder by keeping them cool during workouts,” he said.

Both the new KICKR and KICKR CORE are compatible with Wahoo’s KICKR CLIMB Indoor Trainer Grade Simulator – £499.99, available now – allowing cyclists to fully simulate outdoor rides while using virtual cycling platforms.



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