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Let them eat cake – via Strava!

To celebrate the human-powered feats of Strava athletes and give the wider Strava community some ideas for their next post-workout indulgence, e.g. cake, data has been gathered on the food and drink that has been keeping the Strava community fuelled and ready to go.

The Strava team looked at a week of activity titles to see what seven days in the diet of a Strava athlete might look like…

Cake proves to be the most popular food on Strava – based on their activity titles, the Strava community consumed 2,762 slices in just one week. The biggest consumers of cake? Brits might love a slice of cake with their tea but when it comes to ‘Kuchen’ eating, the Germans inch ahead eating just 1% more cake per activity than the Brits.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, beer is the most popular item of food or drink on Strava with a whopping 14,972 beers put in titles by Strava athletes over the course of the week. And – even less shocking – the British Strava community live up to the reputation when it comes to beer: per athlete, they mentioned beer twice as often as the next highest country, Germany.

Although cyclists outperform runners when it comes to mentioning food and drink in their activity titles, runners are almost 25% more likely to complain about being hungry than cyclists.

The team at Strava add that ‘It is no secret that runners and riders love to indulge. Whether it be a huge stack of post-run pancakes, a mid-ride stop for a slice of cake or a comforting bowl of steaming soup after a long, cold swim, we all know athletes love to eat!’

Strava is the social network for athletes. Its mobile apps and website connect millions of active people every day.

  • 25 activities uploaded every second, 15.3 million every week
  • 300+ compatible mobile phones and GPS devices
  • 145+ employees, most in San Francisco with more in Hanover and Bristol
  • 1,100+ professional athletes are on Strava
  • 1 million athletes join every 30 days
  • 2.3 billion kudos given between athletes last year
  • £5.99 a month for Strava Premium, or £44.99 a year
  • 130+ cities making commuting better with Strava Metro




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