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Licensed to sell: new ‘IRONSPORT powered by IRONMAN’ brand

IRONSPORT powered by IRONMAN banner

IRONMAN has teamed up with Graj + Gustavsen (G+G), a full-service strategic and creative branding and licensing agency, to create a new brand that extends IRONMAN to additional audiences. The new brand, ‘IRONSPORT: Powered by IRONMAN’ was created to ‘deliver outstanding products and services to those who are passionate about living a fun, active, fitness-fuelled life.’

According to IRONMAN, the brand slogan of ‘I CAN’… ‘speaks to the mind-set that it’s not about being the fastest, the strongest or going the furthest, but about YOUR fastest, strongest and furthest.’

IRONMAN adds that IRONSPORT will allow consumers to engage and be inspired in new ways through the association with the world-class and highly aspirational active brand IRONMAN that celebrates human achievement and the mantra that ‘anything is possible’.

“IRONSPORT is about discovering your best self,” said Nathalie Wolderling Bishman, Senior Director of Global Licensing at IRONMAN. “We are looking forward to the new product offerings that will be born from a culture of endurance sport but are designed for everyday performance.

“As we continue to expand our brands globally and across product categories, the G+G team is helping us create new and innovative ways to bring our unique philosophy to consumers across all athletic levels. They are known for their out-of-the-box thinking, strategic partnerships, and tremendous creative capabilities and we look forward to what we can do collectively to bring this new brand to life.”

In addition, G+G will serve as the exclusive licensing agency for the brand in the United States and Canada working across all categories from apparel to healthy food alternatives and beyond.

“We are very excited and honoured to have the opportunity to build new intellectual property for a world-class brand and work with the amazing team at IRONMAN,” said Scott Todd, SVP of Licensing at Graj + Gustavsen.

IRONSPORT is joining an long-standing licensing legacy shared by the IRONMAN family of brands. Since the 1986 launch of the top-selling Timex IRONMAN watch, IRONMAN has developed a licensing program that reportedly generates more than US$300 million annually in global retail sales. The IRONKIDS brand, which promotes healthy and active lifestyles among youth, also produces a successful licensing initiative – including the popular IRONKIDS Gummy Vitamins. Today, IRONMAN adds that it is the 72nd largest licensor in the world as reported by Global License Magazine.




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