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Lumen punches above its weight, hitting Indiegogo crowdfunding target in three hours


Lumen, a digital health and wellness company, quickly hit its US$50,000 crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo in just three hours. The Lumen pocket-sized device claims to ‘hack metabolism in real-time’, and has reportedly helped beta users lose an average of 6.8 pounds in 30 days. It has quickly gained popularity amongst consumers since its July 17 campaign launch.

Lumen creates a daily personalized nutrition plan to help users lose weight, optimize workouts and reach their health and fitness goals. To date, Lumen has raised over 2,600% of its original funding goal, reaching over US$1.3 million with nearly 6,000 backers.

Through a single breath, Lumen’s AI engine analyzes metabolism to determine whether users are burning carbs or fat for energy. In turn, the device and app combination provide immediate nutritional guidance and real-time insights based on that physiological data.

Lumen is available for pre-order at the ‘Early Bird’ pledge level price of US$199, 33% off the retail price of $299. The campaign will run through August 25.

How it works
With a goal of changing the way people approach their personal health, Lumen syncs with a free integrated iOS or Android app to translate metabolic data into actionable insights. The company notes that our bodies rely on two main sources of energy: carbs and fat, partnered to fuel our bodies, but shifting in ratio constantly… ‘Understanding that ratio is important for achieving nutritional and weight loss goals.’

With one breath, Lumen claims to provide this unique carb to fat ratio insight, providing tailored nutrition plans specifically for the body’s mechanics.

Each morning after taking a breath with the device, users immediately receive direction on how yesterday’s meals, sleep and activities affect today’s metabolism and impact fitness and weight loss goals. A specific daily goal for carb consumption is provided, along with recommended meal combinations, snacks, and even a ‘food search’ feature to determine the amount of carbs in any food, for users to stick to their plan.

Throughout the day, users can take additional breaths to stay on track, especially when determining whether they have enough stored energy for an effective workout, or what they need to do to reach their daily goal, like eating an energy-packed snack, or getting more sleep that night.

Respiratory Exchange Ratio
The science behind Lumen is based on Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER), a method for determining metabolic fuel. In a single breath, Lumen measures the CO2 production and O2 uptake of a user’s breath to calculate how much energy is being burned from carbohydrates (higher CO2 levels), or fat (lower CO2 levels).

A breakdown of the science behind the device is available at lumen.me/science, with ‘numerous studies conducted to validate the device’s methods’.



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