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Moment of truth: HUUB Axiom lands at under £200

HUUB Axiom womens and mens

Hot-on-the-heels of unveiling the third incarnation of its top-end, flagship wetsuit, the HUUB Archimedes III, Derby-based HUUB has introduced the new HUUB Axiom, which takes an entry-level price point, retailing at £199.99, for those new to the sports of triathlon and open water swimming.

A release from HUUB states… ‘Every now and again HUUB launches something never before achieved from a challenge set by listening to their broad range of customers. Open water swimming has taken off at a great pace, and the sport demanded a suit for this market with full smooth skin properties below £200.’

HUUB’s founder and owner Dean Jackson, added “It wasn’t easy, with the quality of production and design needed… but we’ve mastered it! And honestly we believe there is no better suit at the entry level price point than the Axiom.”

Axiom, retailing at £199.99 is HUUB’s new entry-level wetsuit and is positioned for the beginner triathlete or leisure and training swimmer. The smooth skin neoprene helps increase swimmers’ water speed with the optimum buoyancy of 3:5 for men and 3:3 for women.

HUUB adds that ‘Comfort is paramount, so it features a flexible low-neckline unique to HUUB for comfortable breathing, and the super-flexible underarm panel offers freedom of movement.’




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