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‘More classy, more premium’ 2019 SCOTT road bikes

According to SCOTT Sports, its 2019 road bikes have had a fundamental re-design to be ‘more classy, more premium than ever before’. SCOTT 2019 road bikes are rolling into shops, with the company adding that it ‘underlines its class-leading approach with innovative products and designs.’

“Road cycling has gone through quite a few exciting developments in the past few years, one of them becoming more fashionable and lifestyle-oriented,” said Pascal Ducrot, Vice-President of SCOTT. “This is why SCOTT will approach new target groups with more lifestyle-focused designs and colours.”

The dark bronze colour used for the 2019 SCOTT Addict RC Premium disc is an example of the brand’s new approach: the deep metallic colour combined with reduced graphics gives the frame a unique look. The light brown Syncros leather saddle and matching skin wall tyres complement the bike.

For SCOTT’s 2019 road collection, its main goal was to give its bikes a ‘more valuable look to reflect the high engineering behind our road bikes and to have a unique proposition for every type of road biker.’

For this, SCOTT’s designers minimized and simplified design and only kept essential lines to give the bikes the more classy and premium look. Inspired by the high-end car industry it used deeper, metallic and shiny colours.



Additionally, many of the components on the new bikes were customized to give the rider the feeling of riding a one-of-a-kind bicycle. This is why several models in the line-up use skin-wall tyres, matching leather Syncros saddles and coloured bar tapes.

With a Syncros integrated FOIL Stem and Ultegra Di2, the FOIL 10 Disc is positioned as a ‘race ready machine at a fraction of the cost’.

The all new Contessa Addict RC Disc is for day comfort: ultra-lightweight, Ultegra Di2 and Syncros components combine for female racers and aspiring athletes alike.

The SCOTT Addict Gravel 10 Disc features a lightweight HMX Carbon fibre frame, Syncros components, some rugged Schwalbe G-One tyres and SRAM Hydraulic disc brakes.

The Addict RC Premium Disc features a lightweight HMX Carbon frame and fork, Dura-Ace Di2, Syncros Carbon components and Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes.



“SCOTT is a brand with a strong racing heritage,” continued Pascal Ducrot, Vice-President of SCOTT. “It’s something which has always driven our design and development. Without a doubt, racing will always be in our DNA. However, road cycling has become more fashionable in the past years. This is why we will approach new target groups with more lifestyle-oriented designs and colours.

“I am convinced that both our new equipment and road bike collections are more premium and beautiful than ever before. The many unique colour schemes our designers applied underline our Innovation-Technology-Design approach.“

David Perez, Product Graphic Designer at SCOTT added “To many enthusiastic road bikers, cycling today means much more than only competitive riding; road cycling furthermore is a lifestyle. To us it seems that many cyclists want their bikes to be a crucial part of that lifestyle. With our 2019 road collection, we wanted to highlight the beauty of our frame designs and to give them a classy, yet outstanding finish.

“Becoming more minimalistic in our approach to graphics allowed us to only keep the essential lines that represent SCOTT’s DNA.”




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