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myCadian App works with Fitbit to measure tiredness in real-time and predict fatigue

myCadian App

CurAegis – a company that claims to be redefining fatigue monitoring and management – is launching its myCadian app. myCadian is positioned as the first business and consumer app to use proprietary algorithms and data points from a user’s wearable device to measure how tired they are in real-time and predict their fatigue levels throughout the day.

The myCadian app is available for download today on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android for US$2.99 after a 7-day free trial (or US$26.95/year).

“Until CurAegis’ myCadian app, fatigue levels could only be measured in a laboratory under strict conditions and there was no way to estimate fatigue levels in real-time and in real situations,” said Richard Kaplan, CEO of CurAegis. “We’ve changed that and given consumers direct access to this powerful information, so they may live a longer, safer, happier and more productive life.”

‘Based on scientifically validated studies the CURA System now gives real meaning and usefulness to existing sleep information people get from their wearable devices.’

The new tool uses proprietary IP to analyze sleep patterns and up to 16 metrics to produce a real-time measurement for alertness called the CURA Score. The CURA Score is a 10-point scale that, after less than a week’s usage, ‘accurately gauges when alertness will decline throughout the day’. When the score declines from one level to another, the user will receive alerts that their fatigue risk is changing.

CURA Score graph

The predictive score will also inform users of any changes that are likely to take place during the next 24 hours. Armed with this knowledge, users can act to mitigate fatigue before it affects their day.

A release from CurAegis notes that ‘Medical experts preach that sleep is as fundamental to our ultimate wellness as diet and exercise, yet fatigue has reached epidemic levels. myCadian is going beyond simply tracking sleep by providing personalized information on fatigue levels, since there is no one-size-fits-all solution to tiredness.’

“Sufficient and good quality sleep is fundamental to a healthy lifestyle, and necessary to optimize human performance,” said Dr Jonathan Marcus MD, Assistant Professor of Neurology at the University of Rochester Sleep Center, and member of CurAegis’ Scientific Board. “Healthy sleep is associated with better metabolism, a stronger immune system, and improved overall mood. We live in a fast-paced, demanding world and need the tools to understand and enhance our natural recovery system… sleep.”

The myCadian app will initially integrate with Fitbit – with additional wearables, Apple HealthKit and Google Fit scheduled to continue to go live over the next several months. In addition to its availability on both iOS and Android, myCadian also has a web-based platform.




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