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NAMEDSPORT> lands in the UK to fuel the country’s endurance athletes

One of Italy’s leading sports nutrition brands for cyclists, NAMEDSPORT>, has officially announced its arrival in the United Kingdom, having provided nutrition and fuel for some of the world’s biggest cyclists and cycling teams for over four years.

The brand is the nutrition partner of Giro d’Italia, Tour de Yorkshire and La Vuelta. It also provides fuel for the Trek-Segafredo, Astana, UAE Emirates & Bahrain-Merida pro cycling teams.

The nutrition supplier to some of the most prestigious UCI World Tour Cycling teams and the sport’s biggest races, NAMEDSPORT> adds that it ‘will now provide British cyclists, runners and all endurance sportspeople quality and effective sports nutrition that will fuel their passion.’

Founded in May 2014, NAMEDSPORT> has reported strong growth across endurance sports such as cycling, running and triathlon, while also helping bodybuilders and sports teams achieve their goals. Its range of drinks, gels, powders and bars aim to ‘match the lifestyle of any athlete who wants to aid their performance and follow a healthy lifestyle.’

NAMEDSPORT>’s range has been developed to help athletes fuel themselves appropriately before, during or after their chosen sport, with the added benefit that the majority of its products are vegan or vegetarian-friendly.

The Total Energy Boost is the latest addition to NAMEDSPORT>’s endurance range. The product is claimed to help athletes reduce tiredness and fatigue during exercise in a compact, re-sealable 100ml pouch. It will complement the ‘globally popular HydraFit’, which helps provide fast energy carbohydrates through a Hypotonic and Electrolyte drink mix.

Also part of NAMEDSPORT>’s endurance range is the Total Energy Shot, a 60ml energy shot that ‘fights fatigue by delivering an immediate mental boost with its Caffeine, Guarana, Magnesium, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C’.

The brand’s innovative Sport Gel range has a built-in easy-to-use straw, each with a different functionality that assists with alertness, glucose absorption, prolonged energy or hydration.

Co-founder and CEO Andrea Rosso, who helped announce NAMEDSPORT>’s arrival in the United Kingdom at The Cycle Show in Birmingham, said he was delighted to bring the iconic orange coloured range to a “passionate pool of endurance athletes”.

Rosso said “Our official sponsorship of the Tour de Yorkshire is one of many inspiring experiences with Britain’s active community that invigorated us to expand. I’m confident that the UK’s sportsmen and women will look to NAMEDSPORT> as a nutrition brand that can help optimise their performance and recovery in a natural way.

“We take a green approach throughout all stages in our production process which is a strong part of NAMEDSPORT>’s roots. When I first partnered with Named Spa, the leading Natural Medicine company in Italy, in 2014 the goal was to create products for sportspeople using the best raw materials & formulations available.”




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