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New book American Pro reveals ‘what’s right and what’s wrong with American bike racing’

American Pro by Jamie Smith

A new book from veteran bike race announcer Jamie Smith, published by VeloPress, explores the strengths and the flaws of bike racing in America. Following a fledgling American professional cycling team on its five-season rise and fall, ‘American Pro: The True Story of Bike Racing in America’ is a deep dive into the personalities, the passion, and the business side of the sport. American Pro is now available in bookstores, bike shops, and online. Sample chapters can be read at velopress.com/pro.

American cycling has a long tradition of riding and racing on a shoestring and a prayer. American Pro rips away the thin veneer of professionalism among domestic racing teams to lay bare the heart and soul of a struggling sport. Smith traces the arc of one team’s racing career to discover colourful personalities, racing action, humour, and heartbreak. American Pro shows what the sport demands: the scramble for contracts, the dynamics of team chemistry, the unending travel, the Herculean struggle to realize the dream — all for the love of bike racing.

With good humour, compelling storytelling, and scrappy racing commentary, Smith explores the domestic side of the world’s biggest amateur sport and uncovers what’s wrong — and what’s right — with America’s broken bike racing system. American Pro will transform how you think of domestic pro racing through a five-season exposé of the sport we love.

American Pro: The True Story of Bike Racing in America
Jamie Smith
Paperback, 6″ x 9″, 232 pp., $18.95, 9781937715762

Jamie Smith is a veteran bike racer, bike race announcer, and author of Roadie, Reading the Race, and American Pro. He has been a bike racer since 1983, working his way up through the ranks of amateur cycling, and a bike race announcer since 1985, traveling with some of the world’s greatest cyclists.

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