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Incoming CEO Andrew Pemberton setting new direction for Pocket Outdoor Media

Pocket Outdoor Media - media brands

Andrew Pemberton, a 20-year veteran of publishing and a former executive of Panache Cyclewear, has been named Chief Executive Officer of Pocket Outdoor Media, the holding company that publishes VeloNews, Triathlete, Women’s Running, Competitor, and VeloPress books.

In this role, Pemberton replaces Felix Magowan, who will remain as Co-Chairman. Pemberton was Interactive Brand Director for Magowan’s Inside Communications and Publisher of VeloNews from 2007-2009.

Speaking about the change, Felix Magowan said, “The media landscape has shifted radically over the past few years and will continue to change. It’s become clear to me that our brands need someone who understands this new media ecosystem and what drives media success. During his 10 years as COO at a successful cycling start-up, Andy experienced the pressures and challenges facing manufacturers to reach customers in new ways. He is the right person at the right time to lead our media brands.”

“I grew up in a media family and, after I left VeloNews in 2009, I kept my eye on the business as I helped launch and grow Panache Cyclewear,” said Andrew Pemberton. “I saw first-hand the pressures on consumer brands to adapt to the rise of social media, content marketing, and advertising and public relations agencies, and I watched as legacy media struggled to adapt and stay relevant.

“As CEO, I will combine my media background with my experience launching a start-up cycling and triathlon brand to engineer a bold new strategy for Pocket Outdoor Media. The rules have changed. Media properties must adapt with purpose and conviction.”

Pocket Outdoor Media is a leading publisher in endurance sports. Its brands influence and engage athletes through a combined print, online and social audience of 44 million runners, cyclists, triathletes and swimmers. Its brands include VeloNews, ‘the authoritative voice of cycling’; Triathlete, ‘the world’s #1 triathlon resource’; Women’s Running, ‘the world’s largest running magazine for women’; Competitor.com, ‘the most trusted website for runners’; and VeloPress, ‘the world’s leading publisher of books on endurance sports’.

Pocket Outdoor Media is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado and has an office in San Diego, California.



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