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New Rapha accessories collection for Apple’s iPad, Mac & iPhone

Rapha has developed a limited-edition accessories collection, available exclusively at Apple. Inspired by a ‘design ethos rooted in practicality on the move’, the company adds that the collection is made for cyclists who want to keep their favourite devices protected and always within reach.

Designed by Rapha using the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, the limited edition pieces – ranging from sleeves for iPad and Mac to a mini messenger bag for iPhone that can be worn or attached to the bike – will be available exclusively in select Apple stores around the world and at Apple.com for four weeks from June 14th.

Made of durable water-resistant fabrics with reflective details for visibility and cushioned protective padding, the accessories are positioned as being ‘perfect for those to whom the bike is a way of life – commuters, travellers and city riders’. The limited edition accessories, available in Dark Navy/ Hi Vis Pink, Chartreuse/Silver and Black/Grey colourways, include:

• Rapha Convertible Tote/Backpack (£114.95)
• Rapha Mini Messenger Bag (£99.95)
• Rapha Sleeves for 10.5-inch & 12.9-inch iPad Pro (£49.95)
• Rapha Sleeves for MacBook 12-inch, MacBook Air 13-inch & MacBook Pro 15-inch (£54.95)
• Rapha Tech Organizer Kit (£44.95)

To outline the design and inspiration behind the collection – i.e. commuters who switch seamlessly between the bike, public transportation and on foot – Rapha Creative Director Alex Valdman will host special ‘Today at Apple’ sessions around the world later this year.

“We approached this project by focusing on precision, quality and problem-solving, and empathizing with the commuter whose journey is 4 miles or 40 miles,” said Alex Valdman, Rapha Creative Director.

“We worked with one of the best mills in Italy to source the most beautifully durable twills and with a master craftsman in London and Portugal on endless iterations. Creating these unique products was no easy task, as thousands of hours were spent developing, prototyping and testing, with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil acting as our primary design tools. What has resulted are products that I feel embody Rapha’s design values.”




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