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New ROTOR 1x Oval Q RINGS gearing up for cyclocross season

Accessories specialist ROTOR notes that the unpredictability of cyclocross conditions ‘means cyclists are always looking for performance advantages’. By minimizing the dead spot in the pedal rotation, ROTOR 1x Oval Q RINGS claim to give cyclocross riders maximum resistance where most force is applied in their pedalling rotation.

The 12.5% Oval chainrings can allow ‘acceleration out of muddy bends and are ideal for increasing your rhythm to overtake competitors.’

ROTOR 1x Q RINGS come in a choice of sizes (38t, 40t, 42t, 44t) and can give increased traction in the highly changeable terrains covered in cyclocross racing. The sleekly designed oval chainrings weigh 92g (size 40t) and ROTOR’s unique Direct Mount anchoring system between spline, axle and crank help to provide pedalling stiffness.

1x Q RINGS Oval chainrings, priced at €129, are compatible with ROTOR cranks ALDHU, VEGAST, 2INpower Road or INpower Road and include patented OCP mount technology (Optimum Chainring Position). According to ROTOR, this allows the rider to adjust the chainring orientation to the crank unique to every individual pedalling style.




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