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Nike’s new House of Innovation in Shanghai


Nike Shanghai 001 is the first Nike House of Innovation. The new store concept in China offers up ‘a peek behind the curtain of Nike’s biggest innovation moments, matched with personalized and digitally-connected shopping journeys.’

Nike has unveiled Shanghai 001 – the first House of Innovation, with a New York City concept store to follow this autumn/fall – as a ‘cross-category, consumer-focused experience’. The site has four levels, 41,150 square feet and is located in the Nanjing East Road shopping district in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Shop offers city-exclusive products and collectibles that can’t be found anywhere else; and the store is positioned as the destination for Shanghai-only Nike products.

One of the pinnacle features of Nike Shanghai 001 – as well as future House of Innovation concepts – is ‘hyper-local, exclusive products and gear. Shoppers will find these at the first floor Shanghai Shop.

The digitally-enabled ‘Center Court’ features speaker sessions, workshops and digitally-led trialling sessions. The Center Court display spans the height of the store’s four floors.

The Nike Arena has key styles and installations that rotate regularly. It showcases unique product offerings and services.

House of Innovation stores will also be one of the first to launch Nike’s latest products. At Shanghai 001, that includes the LeBron 16, Air Jordan 33 and Pegasus Turbo styles. At the store’s Nike Arena, in the centre of the first floor, shoppers will find key styles and installations – from the Zoom X live to a Battleknit LeBron sculpture. These rotate regularly.

NikePlus members can also get private styling sessions at the Nike Expert Studio – offering ‘unparalleled personalization’. Through advanced or in-store bookings, the top floor Nike Expert Studio gives NikePlus members access to ‘gear up, get styled and get matched’ with exclusive and personalized product picks in private sessions with Nike Shanghai’s most highly-trained store athletes.

New Nike by You stations also provide unique customization opportunities. At Nike by You, NikePlus members can have one-on-one sessions with a designer to customize select shoes – adding dip-dye, embroidery and more – and ‘walk away with freshly designed footwear’.



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