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Outlaw and FOODCELL get aero for 2019

FoodCell food carrier on Cervelo bike - side view

The Outlaw Triathlon Series and accessories specialist FOODCELL have agreed a new partnership for 2019. This will help further promote the innovative FOODCELL aerodynamic nutrition carrier that has ‘already proven itself in the world’s toughest triathlon environments’.

FOODCELL adds that it offers a bigger storage capacity than almost any other aerodynamic food carrier and has very access due to the sliding opening on the top. It can be detached easily from the bike for easy cleaning and there are no zip ties or screws to tackle.

The bike sections at the Outlaw Series events cover either 56 miles or 112 miles of cycling on roads that lend themselves to making the most of aerodynamic advantages.

Outlaw Event Director, Iain Hamilton said “The Outlaw series courses are renowned for being relatively flat and fast, except when it’s windy! A product like FOODCELL is ideal on multiple levels including speed, convenience and preventing littering. We’re really pleased to be working with a British designer who got part of his inspiration from taking part in the Outlaw himself.”

FoodCell food carrier - detachable

FOODCELL founder, Dr Mark Tallon said “Our patent pending design features a K-Tail shape and drag reducing dimples as a unique method of opening to store foods as well as being detachable from the bike’s frame. FOODCELL is perfect for the Outlaw course and we’re really pleased to be an official partner of the series.”

He added “We have a number of pro athletes and top age groupers using our products and they seem to love them. Eighteen months of testing and retesting seems to have paid off!”

FOODCELL is made from premium materials resulting in ‘durable design for all weather conditions, including the cold wind and rain of Outlaw 2018 and the heatwaves of previous years.’




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