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POC introduces new DH and Enduro helmet, Coron Air Carbon SPIN

POC Coron Air Carbon SPIN helmet

Created with ‘award-winning technology and input from professional riders and teams’, POC has launched its ‘highly ventilated and lightweight’ DH and Enduro specific full face helmet, the Coron Air Carbon SPIN. Designed specifically for the needs of modern day downhill and Enduro riders, the Coron Air Carbon SPIN has been developed to maximise ventilation, safety and comfort, whilst minimizing weight so that riders can be protected with advanced technology as they pedal and play with gravity.

The multi-impact helmet has been designed for competition level performance and is certified for downhill racing. Jonas Sjögren, POC CEO said “Over the years we have built up a great deal of experience supporting athletes at the very pinnacle of their sports and we wanted to develop a full face helmet that would meet the needs of modern day DH and Enduro riders, with the very best in performance, protection, ventilation and all-day comfort.”

He continued, “Maximizing the ventilation channels and using carbon to produce a lightweight full face helmet are important features in developing a high-performance helmet. Likewise, to ensure that the helmet offers enhanced protection against both linear and oblique impacts we have built the helmet with an EPP multi impact liner and our oblique impact protection system, SPIN.

“We are particularly excited to have SPIN as a major feature in the helmet, as it is at the very heart of our mission and we feel it introduces a new level of helmet technology, comfort and protection.”

The Coron Air Carbon SPIN features an advanced ventilation system which guides air through and out of the helmet via 20 different ventilation ports and a host of internal channels which are all linked to produce enhanced levels of ventilation. The design has been optimized to work at both low and high speeds and is positioned for all day use, especially for DH racing, bike park laps, Enduro stages and transfers or hotter days on the bike.

To counter oblique impacts, POC created SPIN pads, which are optimized to provide oblique impact protection based on the precise location inside the helmet. The objective is to minimize the effects of an oblique fall by allowing the helmet to move relative to the head. The Coron Air Carbon SPIN will feature SPIN as standard. In addition, the downhill certified helmet is built around an EPP multi-impact liner to ensure a high level of protection against a multitude of impact scenarios.

The Coron Air Carbon SPIN has been developed for racing, all-day use, to be light, ventilated and as safe as possible. Weighing in at just 1070g it is a light full face helmet ‘packed with technology and safety and is ideally suited to all day use, going up and down a mountain’.

Complete performance
To complete a high performance and versatile helmet, the Coron Air Carbon SPIN also features emergency removable cheek pads for added security in the case of a head or neck injury; ear chambers which have been designed to reduce any negative effect on balance and hearing; a chin bar constructed for optimized protection and breathing as well as a break away visor designed to break off in the case of an impact to protect the users head and neck.

The Coron Air Carbon SPIN will join the range of Coron Air SPIN helmets which were unveiled at Eurobike in late 2017 (built around a fibreglass shell), and which are also now available to buy instore and online. The entire range of Coron Air SPIN helmets have been optimized to work with POC’s brand-new mountain bike goggle, Ora, which also uses POC’s brand new lens technology, Clarity.

POC CEO, Jonas Sjögren, added “We have developed Clarity with industry leaders, Carl Zeiss, to provide unique, highly tuned lenses which have light frequencies created for specific activities and environments and which will provide enhanced contrast and light. Better vision will support performance and faster reactions, but Clarity can also improve everyone’s safety and ability to react to dangers. Clarity lenses will be integrated in many of POCs activity specific eyewear as well as the new DH and Enduro specific goggle, Ora Clarity. The Ora and Ora Clarity have been designed with enhanced ventilation zones, a bike specific design and lens options to enhance comfort, precision and field of view.”

The Coron Air Carbon SPIN, the Coron Air SPIN, Ora Clarity and Ora are all now available to buy in stores and online.

Coron Air Carbon SPIN – €450
Coron Air SPIN – €290
Ora Clarity – €90
Ora – €70



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