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Race experience focus: new app launches for 122nd Boston Marathon

New Boston Marathon app

The Boston Athletic Association (B.A.A.) best known for its storied race, the Boston Marathon, has launched a new mobile race app (iOS & Android), which will focus on the runner and spectator experience at B.A.A. events. The app, designed by Boston advertising agency Connelly Partners and race app experts MYLAPS along with the staff of the B.A.A. will have a strong focus on the Boston Marathon, which is now in its 122nd year.

The mobile app will aim to elevate the user experience that millions of runners, spectators and volunteers rely on in the days surrounding the Boston Marathon, which takes place on Monday, April 16, 2018. In short, the app will serve up relevant details for runners, spectators and volunteers, ‘reflecting an evolved and modernized identity that upholds the core values of the B.A.A. brand.’

In addition to the B.A.A’s new mobile application, a new website will debut later this summer. The new website, redesigned by Connelly Partners, will highlight B.A.A. events, as well as the organization’s community service and programming. The site will contain specialized content for the running community and evolve to include pre-race, race day and post-race day information.

“Our refreshed app and website to launch later this year will invite runners, future runners and fans from around the world into Boston and the Boston Marathon,” said T.K. Skenderian, Communications Director at the Boston Athletic Association. “Watching, running, or volunteering at a B.A.A. event is a powerful experience, and our new website and mobile app will capture and communicate some of that power to fans far and wide.”

The app will seek to aggregate all of the fundamental information the running communities and their dedicated fans need (and those they didn’t anticipate needing!) during the day of and the days surrounding The Boston Marathon. The app will allow users to follow and track runners throughout the day using the runner’s bib number that contains an RFID chip. Users can elect to be notified about their specified runners’ distance on the course as well as estimated finish and split times.

The app is able to calculate the runner’s pace, show a runner’s progress along the historic course, and provide comprehensive race results. The real-time leaderboards and information on past marathon achievements will be interesting for spectators along the course (and those following from home or work).

“Connelly Partners set out to create a mobile experience for the B.A.A. powered by both data and a user centred design,” said Scott Savitt, Senior Partner, Director of Digital at Connelly Partners. “The thousands of people who flood streets from Hopkinton to Boston will be empowered to have a better experience supporting the people that they want to in the best way possible.”

“The team at MYLAPS is extremely excited and honoured to be able to supply the app for such a historic event,” said Mike Schmitz, Managing Director of MYLAPS Americas. “Working with the BAA has allowed us to further enhance our industry leading product for race weekend which will give the runners, spectators and volunteers a product that will supply real time information throughout the weekend.”

In addition, the app and website will contain important information for the hundreds of volunteers who make every B.A.A. race possible. Starting from March 1, users can select their favourite runners to track on race day and peruse bios on elite runners and logistical information regarding the race.

Established in 1887, the Boston Athletic Association is a non-profit organization with a mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle through sports, especially running. The B.A.A.’s Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest annual marathon, and the organization manages other local events and supports comprehensive charity, youth, and year-round running programs. Since 1986, the principal sponsor of the Boston Marathon has been John Hancock. The Boston Marathon is part of the Abbott World Marathon Majors, along with international marathons in Tokyo, London, Berlin, Chicago, and New York City. An estimated more than 60,000 runners will participate in B.A.A. events in 2018.




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