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Racecheck launches new app

Racecheck has launched a brand new free app, now available on the app store, for iOS devices. The company notes that its first-of-its-kind app will ‘give athletes a whole new experience when it comes to finding, booking, sharing and reviewing races and offers multiple benefits to event organisers.’

Racecheck developed the app with the aim of ensuring that more athletes are able to find, review and share experiences of events with each other, while sharing feedback and recommendations to event organisers.

Racecheck notes a number of event organiser benefits:

  • Direct and immediate communication with athletes who follow their events through push notification, which is live in the new year. Messages sent straight to athlete’s devices represent a way of driving sign ups and communicating offers.
  • Wider reach to more athletes as they are influenced by friends and are more active in sharing their event plans.
  • Attract new audiences as highly rated events are promoted directly to organisers’ target audiences.

Athlete benefits

  • Find a race ‘whether that’s a triathlon in France or a half marathon closest to them’. The higher the review rating the more prominence through the platform.
  • Connect with fellow participants – follow each other and stay in touch with what races everyone has planned throughout the year.
  • Get notified – athletes can follow events and be the first to know when a new date is announced, or get Racecheck specific special deals directly from the organiser.

Co-founder Alex Tanti said “This app has so much to offer the athlete community, but also to organisers – as athletes find, follow, register and share the events they plan to take part in. Organisers will also be able to message directly to an athletes’ device, giving them the perfect channel to encourage sign ups and talk directly to their community.”

He continued “While endurance events are booming in popularity, the marketplace can be congested and cutting through the noise to find the best-events in a chosen sport can be extremely challenging. Review portals, and now in this app form, are increasingly powerful, with participant reviews among the most influential reasons for registering to an endurance event. Organisers who showcase their reviews and connect with the community can really reap the benefits.”

According to the company, 85% of existing users say they’ve discovered a great new race through Racecheck and the platform already sees thousands of searches per month, which are expected to rise with the app’s launch.




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