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Racecheck unveils new athlete-rated awards for endurance events

Racecheck runners

As it’s award season – event listing, review and athlete community platform, Racecheck, has launched a new set of athlete-rated awards. These aim to credit event organiser performance and showcase it to the athlete community.

The awards announcement cites research from MultiSport Research that positions race reviews in the top six most important drivers of athlete ticket purchases.

In addition to recognising the top performing events across five sporting areas – running, off-road running, triathlon, swimming and obstacle racing – Racecheck has now introduced Gold, Bronze and Silver accreditations to ‘recognise more events with outstanding reviews from their athlete communities.’

Co-founder of Racecheck, Alex Tanti explained, “We’re now seeing tens of thousands of reviews on Racecheck and a growing number of athletes looking to try new events. There have also been some epic events this year, that have performed incredibly well on Racecheck. It only felt natural to give more public recognition for those events.”

How does an event qualify?
All events with more than 30 reviews on Racecheck by 15 January 2019 rating on average 4.6 or more will qualify for a Bronze (4.6-4.69), Silver (4.7-4.79) or Gold (4.8+) Athlete Rated Badge. Racecheck adds that this designation helps events to market the positive athlete experience and strong event reputation for sign-ups.

At the end of each year Racecheck will also track the top performing event in five sporting categories and announce the winners in January.

The winner of the Top Performing Swimming Event Award in 2017, Henley Swim, commented “We were very proud to win the best UK Swimming Event of 2017, particularly as the award is a result of rankings and feedback from our own participants. We have been able to use the award on publicity to further encourage growth and sales – having an award shows independent validation from the swimming community.

“We in turn have encouraged potential swimmers to visit the Racecheck site to gain an insight into our events that can only come from someone who has taken part before. We have no doubt that the Racecheck award helped us to increase participant numbers in 2018, and is driving sales for 2019.”

Partner perks
On top of the marketing campaign for the highly rated events, organisers can benefit from partner offers including Yellow Jersey Event Insurance ‘making a significant saving on event costs’.




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