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Reboots – helping athletes put their best feet forward


According to German recovery product specialist, Reboots, scientific studies have shown a reduction in BLa levels (a measurement for muscle fatigue) through the use of recovery boots.

‘The natural regeneration is supported by the Reboots application, which is effective against muscle tension and swelling.’

Reboots are massage and recovery boots. They consist of a number of air chambers that are gradually filled with compressed air. This creates a sliding compression wave on the legs.

The company notes that recovery boots can support the body’s natural regeneration process by helping to remove lactic acid from the muscular system. Currently priced at €799, athletes can choose between two different sizes, determined by measuring stride length.

An increasing number of sales outlets are planned to be added by the company in 2019. Free product testing is also under way at several locations and events across Europe. In addition, the brand has introduced an option to rent Reboots ‘in exchange for a small lending fee’.

Deliveries to foreign countries outside Germany (currently Austria, France, Italy, Spain and UK) is charged with a flat shipping rate of €5. Domestic deliveries through Germany is free of any additional shipping costs.

‘’Research into recovery methods are on the rise, particularly with so much emphasis being placed on injury prevention and recovery,’’ said Tom Keller, Managing Director of Reboots.

“The most unique distinguishing feature of Reboots is that it can facilitate both. Reboots Recovery Boots is an athlete-oriented recovery technology company and strives to make cutting edge technology available for every serious athlete who wants to get everything out of themselves; and therefore we have produced this device for regeneration after hard training.”

Reboots has already been working closely with a number of professional athletes including Georg Preidler (Austrian pro cyclist), Jeremy Jahn (German Tennis Pro), Melanie Leupolz (German soccer pro) and German professional triathletes Marc Unger and Markus Rolli.

“Since this winter I have been using the technology of Reboots Recovery, in order to get my legs back in shape after hard sessions or competitions,” said Georg Preidler, Austrian Cycling Champion, Cycling Team Groupama FDJ. “I can recommend this device to any dedicated athlete. Reboots Recovery is the best solution for anyone who wants to avoid expensive physio costs and to relax their legs a little after training and would like to get rid of lactate faster. I actually use the boots after every race – in the team bus or in the hotel in order to regenerate.”

Pro triathlete Markus Rolli added, “I use Reboots regularly after demanding training sessions, be it swimming, cycling, running or strength training. Especially after more sessions in a day the legs feel considerably fresher after the second or third session. I also think it is great that you can use Reboots for regeneration while working on your laptop, and therefore can use time very effectively!”



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