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Renovo Hardwood Bicycles hires Kelsey Anderson as Marketing Manager

Renovo Aerowood bike with hybrid wood and carbon frame

Renovo Bikes, an engineering firm and manufacturer of high-performance wooden bike frames handcrafted in the US, has appointed Kelsey Anderson to expand its marketing remit.

Putting her journalism degree to work, Kelsey Anderson was recruited from college by OutsidePR, a San Francisco agency; and her cycling background backs up her professional experience. Anderson grew up in the Northern California mountain bike scene, racing enduros, downhill, dual slalom, cross-country, endurance and short track, culminating at the elite level on the US National Downhill Team.

“Kelsey has the skills, experience, heart and competitive edge to successfully represent our unique bicycle brand,” said founder and owner of Renovo Bikes, Ken Wheeler. “She rapidly climbed the professional ladder, managed and raced on sponsored teams, mentored aspiring riders and has always been an ambassador for women riders. We are delighted to welcome Kelsey aboard.”

Aside from mountain bike racing, Kelsey is an avid skier, dirt biker, fly fisher, camper and all-around outdoors person.

“I’ve always been partial to forging paths,” Anderson said. “While Renovo has proven the credibility of its custom-made frames with customers over the previous 10 years, changing to only production bikes at this time is both a departure and a new beginning for Renovo, and I’m eager to contribute to its growth.”

Founded in 2007 by former aircraft designer and manufacturer Ken Wheeler, Renovo Hardwood Bicycles designs, engineers and manufactures high-end wooden frames from its shop in Portland, Oregon. Renovo chose wood as it ‘has the ideal cellular and structural properties for bike frames to dampen vibration while maximizing fatigue life, as well as ride comfort and control’.

The entire hollow-hardwood frame of a Renovo is designed to absorb shock, delivering what is billed as the highest stiffness-to-smoothness ratio.




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