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Repelling the elements: IGL Coatings launches Ecocoat Bike coating

IGL Coatings, a paint and coatings specialist within the automotive industry, has launched its all-new Ecocoat Bike, a coating kit for cycling. The Ecocoat, has been specially developed for the cycling industry, it offers a ‘clear protective coat which repels water, oil & dirt for up to 24 months’.

Ecocoat Bike is billed as a’ superhydrophobic, ultra scratch-resistant, long-term high gloss retention high quality coating system with an excellent finish, designed primarily for bikes’. The kit, which is made from natural ingredients, ‘also performs outstandingly well against harsh weather conditions, protecting the paint from water, oil and dirt as well as against UV degradation’.

IGL adds that the coating is ‘durable, completely safe and will transform the way your bike looks’. It can be applied to lacquered frames or naked carbon, titanium or aluminium finishes and is designed to work on the finish of the bike so a non-glossy finish won’t be changed by applying this product.

IGL Coating’s Ecocoat Bike is claimed to stand out among its competitors as it reportedly ‘improves the bike’s surface by up to 8H hardness, increases the clarity and intensity of the finish and ensures a highly water-repellent texture of the surface’.

The Ecocoat Bike kit is assembled with the cyclist and their bike in mind. The kit includes a 10ml bottle of the ceramic coating, together with Ecoclean Precoat which ‘provides effective decontamination and pristine cleaning’. The kit also contains the brand’s innovative Ecoclean Air product which prevents and removes unpleasant smells from the usual suspects such as bike helmets, shoes and gym socks.

The UK Director of IGL Coatings, Martin Eames said: “We’re delighted to be revealing our Ecocoat Bike coating kit which we believe will transform the way cyclists look after their bikes. We wanted to take our class-leading expertise in the automotive and marine industries and shake-up the cycling cleaning industry.

“Instead of spending large amounts of money on numerous cleaning products, the purpose of this product is to enrich the finish, add depth and clarity to the finish while reducing maintenance for the owner. Ecocoat Bike’s coating repels dirt and grime for up to 24 months.”

The product retails at £79.99 and is available directly from the IGL Ecocoat Bike Coating website.




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