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Rouvy ‘Augmented Routes’ open up the outdoors to indoor bike training


Indoor virtual cycling specialist Rouvy has released ‘Augmented Routes’. The platform utilises a new ‘multi-rider engine for indoor cycling based on its advanced, mixed-reality technology.’

The company adds that its unique platform is based on user-generated training content. It has provided a schedule of group rides online, which take place throughout November.

Users can create and share a GPS-synced video route within a few hours. The app enables riders to bike the planet indoors over its available 2,000+ geo-located video routes.



“We have a vision of bringing indoor cycling to any road on the planet by mixing real-life video routes with augmented reality,” said Petr Samek, one of Rouvy’s founders and company CEO. “Our app allows cyclists and triathletes from all over the world to virtually come together on a real road by generating and processing animated 3D riders in real 2D videos.

“From now on, you will be able to see diverse, realistic-looking objects and riders on Tour de France roads, Italian iconic climbs or any route which is based on GPS and real video data. We are proud to be the first to make such a solution widely available with almost every smart trainer officially supported.”

Rouvy adds that it ensures a precise simulation of outdoor cycling, brought indoors by using advanced algorithms to smooth, sync and process both video and elevation profiles. New features include ‘Animated 3D objects in any 2D video course, Group Rides and Virtual Partners based on big data.’




Yuriy Ryashko, Marketing Executive, added, “Augmented Routes are a glimpse of the future. To start, we have made 10 real-life routes available. Just as it is now possible to ride any course on the trainer with absolutely realistic resistance by GPS points and map. So, in the future, you will be able to prepare for any race and compete over the real video. Our new AR turns any course video-footage into a virtual bike race, but it’s 100% realistic.”

The new concept aims to provide users with enhanced levels of diversity, interactivity, fun and competition. For the user experience, the new engine will be updated on a weekly basis.



Rouvy is a training program for indoor cycling that ‘can bring the outdoors inside’. The Rouvy App ‘offers more than 2,000 high-quality GPS-synced video routes from world-class races and the most beautiful places in the world’. Rouvy adds that it is unique in the market for ‘providing the most features and using augmented reality in real videos’. Rouvy’s Augmented Routes are aimed at bringing more entertainment and motivation into every indoor cycling activity by combining real 2D video with 3D Riders and objects.



  1. Rouvy does have many features as this article attempts to depict. The one I use (and enjoy) most is its successful integration with Google Street View (GSV) in which a designed route enables the user to ride it on GSV albeit without the smoothness found in videos (though the detailed scrolling photos are typically have far higher resolution). Among its many advantages is allowing the user to test out the terrain before going on a planned route, perhaps one far from home.

    Of course the above is strictly limited to routes that are actually covered by GSV which, though ample in choice, is very limited as a percentage of actual roads in the world. And, for strictly bicycle pathing, its nonexistent, to my knowledge. That’s a shame because there are some strictly bicycle use routes or partial routes that are truly amazing.

    And, though there are many choices that include video, many of the videos aren’t the optimal resolution, some even a bit blurry. BKool offers this also but Rouvy can search by map while filtering the type of ride you’d like (by distance, elevation total, video or not, etc.) while BKool is quite difficult to navigate comparatively as of this writing.


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