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Run Mummy Run in YAMAtune partnership

Leading online running community for women Run Mummy Run has announced a partnership with performance sock specialist YAMAtune.

Founded in Nagoya, Japan, YAMAtune is Run Mummy Run’s first international partnership and offers the brand an opportunity to showcase its performance running socks to the community. The partnership launched yesterday, 28th November. Those within the Run Mummy Run community will ‘benefit from discounts and special offers on a range of YAMAtune socks to help them perform at their best.’

YAMAtune is known for its distinctive 5-toe style sock which ‘separates the toes to give extra grip and power’. This is complemented by a range of round style socks, the option of non-slip dots and a unique Spider Arch System that cradles and supports the foot as it ‘wraps round it like a spider’s web’.

The extra arch support and choice of vibrant colours makes YAMAtune a match for Run Mummy Run, whose own clothing range is known for its bright designs and attention to detail. Many of the Run Mummy Run team have already tested and run in the socks and are ‘confident that they will be popular with the ladies within the community, who now number almost 60,000.’

Leanne Davies, Founder and Creator of Run Mummy Run, said, “I am thrilled to announce a partnership with YAMAtune for Run Mummy Run. YAMAtune gives us a chance to provide our community with some really good quality running socks and we know our ladies will love the feel, performance qualities and colours of the socks.

“It is also great for us to be working with a brand that cares about what their customers think, as whenever we choose a partner to work with it is key that they look after our members too. We are excited to be working closely with YAMAtune to provide the very best running socks for our members.”

Kiyoyasu Ito, President of YAMAtune, added, “It is an honour to partner with Run Mummy Run, which is home to an incredible community of female runners. We are looking forward to supplying the community with a range of high-quality socks to help them achieve their goals whilst looking and feeling great.”

In July 2018 Run Mummy Run announced a partnership with Fitness Rewards, which rewards participants for living a healthy lifestyle. Other partners include Cancer Research UK, The National Running Show and Breathe Unity.

‘Further partnerships will be announced soon, with all the partnerships contributing to sustaining the community and keeping it free for all members.’




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