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Sanas is new nutrition partner of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam 2014 - Photo by Charlie Crowhurst Getty Images for Challenge Family

Challenge Almere-Amsterdam is joining forces with a new nutrition sponsor: Sanas. This brand, well established in Belgium but emerging in the Netherlands, will provide the approximately 3500 triathletes on the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam race course with gels and isotonic drinks.

Originally the Holland Triathlon, since 2013 the event has been named Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. This year’s event will be held on 7-9 September.

The importance of a good nutrition sponsor has been emphasized by Evert Scheltinga. The triathlete of Team4Talent, currently the best long distance athlete in the Netherlands and also on the start list of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, is sponsored by Sanas with his team.

Scheltinga said “I’m glad Sanas is going to provide the sports nutrition in Almere. They always listen carefully to the feedback we give and try to constantly improve their products. That makes it truly top-notch nutrition for both professional and recreational triathletes. I’ve been stuck with my nutrition for years, but now I know that this is really the ‘fourth part’ of triathlon.”

Sanas is used by a number of other pro athletes, including Olympic Champion Marianne Vos.

According to Chantal de Jonge of Sanas Netherlands, endurance athletes can benefit from the brand… “And now also the participants of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam. At Sanas we are happy to contribute to the performance of the athletes. It also allows them to test our products in the most extreme conditions.”

Arne Heyse, who is responsible for product development at Sanas, added “Our products are really unique and ideally suited to triathletes: effectiveness and a scientific approach are paramount. But at least as important: our products are mild for the stomach and intestines. Endurance athletes know how quickly sweet or sour products affect the stomach and intestines, with all the problems that will follow. Sanas products are therefore made of high quality ingredients.”

On behalf of Challenge Almere-Amsterdam, commercial director Jort Vlam said “We know the importance of good sports nutrition during a race. Not only because we are triathletes ourselves, but also because we are in daily contact with both professional and recreational triathletes. We are always looking for ways to improve our race and think we have found a good partner in Sanas.”

The nutrition brand will also be present at the event expo, prior to and during the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam race weekend. This stand will be hosted by various Team4 Talent athletes who will be on had to answer questions of visitors. In addition, interested athletes can order a sample pack via the Challenge Almere-Amsterdam website. These sample packs can be collected during the course reccy on 19th August.




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