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secondtoNAKED unveils ethical activewear shopping platform

secondtoNAKED has launched its ethical shopping platform ‘dedicated to eco chic women’s activewear and yoga wear’. The company promotes creative brands and designers that are taking on the challenge of creating the path to sustainability and local manufacturing. It adds that it exclusively features activewear and apparel that is made from organic, alternative or recycled raw materials, and clothes that are made locally in the USA.

The ethical shopping platform works as a product aggregator and features a selection of products pulled from the inventory of multiple ecommerce partners.

The platform was created in an effort to promote brands and designers that manufacture locally in the US and reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion industry, which is ‘currently the second largest polluter on the planet – right after oil’. Its mission is to empower the eco-conscious consumer, promote avant-garde fashion design, sustainable manufacturing, and local shopping, and to raise awareness and encourage ethical shopping habits.

“We are thrilled to be the first company to provide an online shopping experience for women that want activewear that is both creatively designed and contribute to conserving our planet,” said secondtoNAKED Founder and CEO, Bastien Faure. “secondtoNAKED aims to be an active part in shaping the way the industry creates, sources, and purchases apparel… with a heightened sense of what is good for the environment and for people.”

Currently, the platform is focusing its marketing efforts in the San Diego area, but also serves shoppers throughout the entire US. secondtoNAKED is also working on offering a unique online to offline shopping experience in order to support local boutiques, ‘whenever a store option is better for the environment’.

Faure added, “We believe in promoting innovative, eco-friendly clothes and systems as a whole, and that is why we are also developing partnerships with small local retailers.”

secondtoNAKED specializes in athleisure apparel, ‘for active women who want to make a difference every time they shop’. In February 2018, it graduated from the San Diego CONNECT Springboard Startup accelerator program.




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