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Smarter visibility via CatEyeSYNC System

CatEye has today announced an intuitive new system called CatEyeSYNC that claims to make life easier and safer for cyclists during the day and night. CatEyeSYNC is a complete lighting solution for all types of cyclist. ‘At just the touch of a button, up to seven lights can be switched on or off simultaneously and synced via a smartphone.’

With three types of lights to choose from, riders using CatEye should stand out. The SYNC Kinetic and SYNC Wearable can be synchronized to flash in unison and to activate CatEye’s Kinetic mode, which improves the rider’s visibility to all vehicles on the road, both day or night.

Kinetic mode is a technology CatEye has integrated into its SYNC Kinetic and Rapid X2 rear lights. The lights house an in-built deceleration sensor that means when the rider enables Kinetic mode, the light automatically increases in brightness when deceleration is detected; making the rider more visible as they approach slow-moving traffic, junctions or any other obstacles or hazards.

The family of lights are initially set up via a smartphone and the ‘CatEyeSYNC’ app, available for both iOS and Android. Once logged onto the app, riders can control up to seven lights simultaneously or separately, and monitor the battery life of each light in their CatEyeSYNC system.

To make the CatEyeSYNC system fully customizable, cyclists can exclude modes and lights they are not going to use so they are only ever interacting with the lights they need for that specific ride.



CatEyeSYNC product features:

SYNC Core – Front Light

  • 500 Lumen output for maximum visibility
  • Can be controlled via a selection of modes on the CatEyeSYNC app
  • Power button communicates pairing & battery information
  • Handlebar or helmet mount option available
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Weighs 94g / 3.3oz

SYNC Kinetic – Rear Light

  • Large 30 Lumen main LED providing increased visibility from long distances
  • Permanent Kinetic functionality across all modes
  • Superior side-on visibility for added safety at junctions and crossroads
  • Seatpost mounted
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Weighs 43g / 1.5oz

If a battery reaches less than 10%, CatEyeSYNC will send a text alert. Additional lights can be added and fully customized for enhanced visibility both day or night, including:

SYNC Wearable

  • Enhanced version of the super-bright Wearable X, providing greater side-on visibility thanks to a deeper design
  • Double-ring COB LED technology
  • Switchable Kinetic functionality
  • Will connect to other CatEyeSYNC safety lights for extra visibility
  • Quick & easy installation and removal
  • Suitable for use on luggage (backpack, saddlebag etc) and clothing
  • Supplied with a strap mount for use with a helmet
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Weighs 21g / 0.7oz

Koichi Tsuyama, President of CatEye said “We are delighted to offer customers a simple, complete solution to bike safety. CatEyeSYNC makes visibility a priority and getting ready to ride even easier.”

The CatEyeSYNC system will be available this autumn/fall. All lights are available individually or in a twin-pack consisting of the SYNC Core front light and the SYNC Kinetic back light.

SYNC Core – US$90, £80 ,€90
SYNC Kinetic – US$70, £60, €70
SYNC Wearable – US$70, £50, €70
SYNC Core and Kinetic twin-pack – US$150, £120, €150

The CatEye range including CatEyeSYNC will be on display at Eurobike stand B5-402 from 8-10 July 2018.




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