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SNAAC CBD launched as ‘industry’s first hemp-based CBD sports bar’


SNAAC CBD, a hemp-based CBD sports bar product line, has launched nationwide across the US, as a collaboration between SNAAK BAR and CV Sciences, a supplier and manufacturer of hemp extracts. SNAAC CBD is billed as the first sports bar formulated with hemp cannabidiol (CBD) to become available on the market. It is designed to ‘improve athletic and workout performance through advanced phytocannabinoid nutrition.’

In 2017, while attending Natural Products Expo West, SNAAK BAR’s Juliana Thiel and Leon Garcia attended a presentation by Stuart Tomc, VP of Human Nutrition from CV Sciences, on the potential health benefits of hemp CBD oil. In collaboration with CV Sciences, they have since developed a sports bar using CV Sciences’ PlusCBD Oil.

CBD is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Hemp CBD, such as CV Sciences’ PlusCBD Oil, is not psychoactive, ‘so it won’t get you high’. SNAAK BAR notes that ‘People often take hemp CBD for mood, recovery, inflammation, stress, restful sleep and pain management.’

PlusCBD Oil is the flagship brand from CV Sciences – with products sold in health & organic food stores as well as online at www.PlusCBDOil.com.

SNAAC CBD is being offered as two new hemp CBD whole food nutrition bars. The Chocolate Cherry Almond bar includes 15mg of hemp CBD from the PlusCBD Oil Gold Formula extract; while the Lemon Cream Crisp bar includes 15mg of hemp CBD from PlusCBD Oil Total Plant Complex.

All infused hemp CBD concentrates are made from agricultural hemp, ‘delivering full spectrum cannabinoids, naturally-occurring vitamin E, plant sterols, terpenes and fatty acids to support the balance of body and mind.’



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