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Sound of silence: new STAC Zero trainer

With a focus on convenience, power and portability – and billed as ‘the quietest trainer on the market’ – the STAC Zero Halcyon Smart Trainer has a no-contact resistance mechanism. According to the company, this results in ‘zero noise and zero tyre wear’.

STAC adds that the trainer’s unique use of suspended magnets helps to ‘save on trainer tyres and avoid noise complaints from family and neighbours with the trainer that let’s you train whenever, wherever!’



Shane Pegg, Chief Operating Officer at STAC Performance told endurancebusiness.com, “The original idea for the STAC Zero trainer came when Andrew, our CEO and founder, was at an amusement park watching the Drop Zone ride that plunges people straight down. The ride uses magnets and a conductor to generate a magnetic field that opposes the motion of the magnets and creates a no-friction and reliable braking system.”

He added, “We applied the same concept to a bike trainer to reduce noise. Our latest trainer, the Halcyon Smart Trainer, was something customers have been asking for, for a while. It’s finally here.”


STAC Zero front side view

STAC Zero close-up view


The STAC Zero Halcyon Smart Trainer has two USPs, notably: zero noise and zero tyre wear. In addition, by focusing on portability, the trainer can be packed for use ‘anytime, anywhere’. The trainer weighs 15 lbs (7 kg), folds to 3″ flat and has a rechargeable battery that lasts 10 hours.

The trainer uses magnets to create resistance against a bike’s rear wheel without actually touching it. As the company points out, this means ‘you can train with your alloy race wheels without having to swap a trainer tyre or remove the wheel altogether.’

The new trainer was an award winner this year at Eurobike. The Eurobike Award jury noted that ‘[it was] greatly impressed by this new, absolutely low-noise solution for a home trainer. The use of suspended magnets also means that there is no direct contact between wheel and rollers, which in turn eliminates added wear on the bike.’




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