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Speed queen: Fuji launches all-new Supreme

New Fuji Supreme bike

Fuji Bikes has introduced what the company is billing as ‘its fastest, most aerodynamic and most forward-thinking bicycle ever, the all-new Supreme… Beginning with a clean slate, Fuji engineers tackled what has become the twin demands of modern carbon race machines.’

“There are two camps with competition road bikes: aerodynamics and light weight,” said Steven Fairchild, Fuji’s Global Product Manager for Road. “I wanted to blend those two together. We were able to produce a lightweight bike that is aero; an aero bike that you can climb on.”

The two-year redesign of the Supreme is the first of a new breed of Fuji carbon road bikes, with a ‘design DNA destined to be the company’s signature in every bike it builds’.

“The technology that we develop for our premium road bikes influences our entire product line,” said Karen Bliss, CMO of Advanced Sports, the company behind the Fuji brand. “We wanted to put our newest thinking into the Supreme and allow this women’s product to influence and improve all of our products.”



Using advanced computational design that was further refined in the wind tunnel, Fuji claims that it has given women one bike that has it all, and does it all:

  • Class leading aerodynamics to slice through the wind
  • More stiffness to transfer full power into every pedal stroke
  • Better compliance to smooth the ride
  • Disc brakes on all versions, ‘for better performance and less effort’
  • Optimum fit across all sizes
  • Lighter weight (sub 15 pounds for the Supreme 1.1)

“When we put it in the wind tunnel against the Transonic [Fuji’s current aero road model] we achieved what we expected – and more,” Steven Fairchild continued. “We compared a 56cm Supreme with a comparative Transonic, and I was like, ‘Whoa, this thing is way faster than the Transonic.’”

Based on a one hundred and twenty-five pound rider traveling at 25 miles an hour over 40 kilometres, the new Supreme reportedly saves a notable 1 minute and 19 seconds over the Transonic — and 3 minutes and 23 seconds over the current Supreme.

The new bike has crossed the finish line to win the Valley of the Sun Criterium (February 18, 2018) under three-time national champion Kendall Ryan of Team Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank. This win adds to the history that began in 1974, when Fuji sponsored the first US women’s national team, a decade before women’s cycling became an Olympic sport.

“Fuji’s commitment to supporting women and producing the best bicycles for women is unwavering,” said Karen Bliss, Chief Marketing Officer at Advanced Sports and a seven-time national champion who counts Fuji as her first bike sponsor. “And, it’s not just me pushing for more, better product. Our entire company has embraced women cyclists even back when it wasn’t a thing.”




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