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STEALTH launches new Vegan Recovery Protein Drink

STEALTH Vegan Recovery Drink Mix

The team at STEALTH Secret Training has confirmed the launch of STEALTH Vegan Recovery Protein Drink Mix, the latest edition to the brand’s sports nutrition range. Available in a mint chocolate flavour; the vegan-friendly, gluten free and high protein drink offers ‘the perfect mix for those looking to fine-tune their recovery routine this season’.

Produced using a combination of pea and rice protein, the brand-new recovery drink ‘contains all of the amino acid building blocks to support optimum recovery and adaptation, and is often much better tolerated by those that can find it difficult to consume milk-based protein mixes.’

Positioned as a ‘complete exercise recovery product’, it is also fortified with vitamins and minerals, including zinc, often found short in vegetarian/vegan diets, which, away from performance benefits can also have an impact on heart health and overall wellbeing.

The new offering is produced with the endorsement of a number of pro cycling teams, including Mitchelton Scott.

Tim Lawson, Founder of Secret Training said “As someone who cannot tolerate milk products, with a sports-mad daughter with a similar intolerance, I was keen to produce a clean vegan protein recovery solution that would both perform, and I’d be happy for a young athlete to take.

“The final push came from our pro tour teams who had similar requirements. Pea and rice proteins have improved so much over the last few years – and it is now possible to produce a great tasting vegan protein without turning to soy.”

The STEALTH Vegan Recovery Protein Drink Mix is now available to purchase via www.secret-training.com, as well as through a selected number of retailers.

  • Vegan protein recovery drink – 20g protein per serving
  • Contains no allergens; free from soy, free from artificial sweeteners
  • Available in natural mint chocolate flavour
  • Consists of protein, carbohydrates, electrolytes and vitamins
  • Best consumed within 30 minutes of exercise




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