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StepJockey steps up with The Broadgate Tower Run Up


Total Motion Events, the UK’s leading stair climbing specialist events company, has announced that there will be a StepJockey branded wave at The Broadgate Tower Run Up taking place in London on Saturday 24th November 2018.

The Broadgate Tower Run Up is a notable date in the stair climbing calendar as, for the first time this year, it is hosting the London stage of the prestigious Vertical World Circuit (VWC). With 877 steps over 35 floors, the UK event is one of VWC’s nine premier skyscraper races taking place in 2018, each sanctioned by the International Sky Running Federation.

The Broadgate Tower Run Up is seen as an ideal collaboration for StepJockey, which is aiming to transform workplace health through its incentive-based step climbing programme. Through StepJockey, buildings are designed to be healthier and more active so that employees are encouraged to climb the stairs rather than take the lift – providing an easy and effective way to fight sedentary behaviour and boost overall health and fitness.

The company adds that it is an ideal solution for companies wanting to instil a corporate wellness strategy; and some of the world’s largest organisations are already committed to keeping their workforce active through the programme.

The programme works by equipping buildings with wireless NFC Smart Signs displaying calorie data for taking the stairs. Participants download the free StepJockey app and track their stair use by simply tapping or scanning the Smart Sign at the start and end of each stair journey. Companies can then launch stair climbing challenges and leaderboards to incentivise and reward participants, create teams and cover multiple buildings and locations.

The Broadgate Tower Run Up is an platform for StepJockey as it provides a real-world event to which StepJockey can invite its partners and clients. These can then fundraise for their own corporate charities and build on the workplace challenges that they have engaged with.

In addition to the StepJockey wave, there are a number of other challenges at The Broadgate Tower Run Up, including the Individual Climb, Family Individual Climb, ¼ Vertical Mile and Full Vertical Mile. Spaces for these challenges are limited and participants are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible via the event website to secure their place.

Zarir Vakil, CEO of StepJockey, said, “We are thrilled to be hosting our very own wave at The Broadgate Tower Run Up in November. It is a fantastic chance for those already taking part in StepJockey challenges to experience the thrill of a real-life race and see how much they have progressed.

“Stair climbing is a powerful form of exercise and we are proud to have companies of all sizes using StepJockey to improve staff health and productivity. We look forward to welcoming employees of all abilities to the StepJockey wave at Broadgate Tower this autumn.”

Matt Hudson, Managing Director of Total Motion Events, added, “We are delighted to announce a StepJockey wave at The Broadgate Tower Run Up on 24th November. Stair climbing and tower running are really coming to the fore as a fantastic way to keep fit and active, and it is brilliant to see companies investing in StepJockey as a way to keep their workforce healthy. The other challenges at The Broadgate Tower Run Up are proving incredibly popular and we are now down to the last few remaining places, so we urge runners to sign up quickly if interested.”



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