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Strava upload rate surges 5x, and total uploads surpass 2 billion


Strava athletes shared more than 1 billion activities in the last 18 months, surpassing 2 billion total uploads.

In May 2017, Strava celebrated its one billionth activity upload eight years after the company’s 2009 founding. Just 18 months later, Strava’s upload pace has increased fivefold. The social network for athletes now sees 20 activities uploaded every second, and adds one million new members every 30 days.

Strava adds that ‘This rapid growth is credited to the impact of three groups on the platform: women, runners, and international athletes.’

Since crossing the one billion activity threshold, Strava has seen 33% growth in activities uploaded by women, 21% growth in run activity uploads, and 13% growth in uploads outside of the United States.

“We founded Strava in 2009 and invited our friends to join, hoping the word would spread,” said Michael Horvath, Strava co-founder and interim CFO. “The evolution of this community has been astonishing to watch. I’m deeply grateful that so many people from all over the world choose to share their athletic journeys and strive together.”



Strava is ‘the social network for athletes’. As a platform at the centre of connected fitness, Strava’s mobile apps and website connect millions of active people every day.

  • 20 activities uploaded every second, 15 million every week
  • 300+ compatible mobile phones and GPS devices
  • 165+ employees, most in San Francisco with more in Denver, Hanover and Bristol
  • 1,100+ professional athletes are on Strava
  • 1 million athletes join every 30 days
  • More than 36 million Strava athletes upload activities from 195 countries
  • 3.6 billion kudos given between athletes last year
  • Over 4 million photos shared per week on Strava
  • 85 million comments and Kudos given by Strava athletes per week



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