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Suits you: new Fe226 apparel aims to propel Helle Frederiksen towards Kona success

New Fe226 apparel aims to propel Helle Frederiksen towards Kona success

Danish pro triathlete Helle Frederiksen is an Olympian, 8 x IRONMAN 70.3 Champion, holder of the world’s fastest time over the half-distance and posted a new Danish IRONMAN record of 8:55:35 in her debut only a few weeks ago. Frederiksen is now aiming her sights on success in Kona and in doing so has added a new weapon: ‘an ultra-aerodynamic and hydrodynamic triathlon suit from new Danish-style triathlon brand, Fe226.’

“As a professional triathlete I owe it to myself to seek out the best when it comes to equipment,” said Frederiksen. “Over the past 9 years I have dedicated my life to training my body to perform at an extreme level. No matter how trained we are as athletes, poor choices in equipment can be the difference between winning and losing.”

Fe226 was formed from an ambition to ‘create a triathlon collection that is uncompromising in design, materials and construction.’ The Fe226 design and development team is led by London-based Ffion Appleton and Product Manager Sarah Cuthbert, who, among others, have designed and developed sportswear for brands such Nike, Adidas, Rapha, Under Armour and Top Shop Ivy Park.

Frederiksen will now sit alongside the Fe226 design team. She added, “Very quickly it was clear that Fe226 were able to provide me with a performance advantage over traditional triathlon race suits. They truly understand what is required when it comes to apparel design and performance. They are capable of producing products that are quick across all three disciplines. Fabric quality, stitching, design, fit, breathability and comfort are all focuses that were attractive to me during testing. All of which are crucial for realizing my ambition in Kona.”

Frederiksen continued, “My cooperation with Fe226 is more than a traditional sponsorship. Fe226 is a breath of fresh air for me as an athlete; they value my experience, my input and my recommendations. They immerse me into their culture and environment in order to help them become one of the leaders. I applaud this approach. Utilizing athletes to broaden their horizon.

“I have been able to work closely with the London product team for women specific products that will surface in 2018, combining speed and comfort with a beautiful and feminine design.”

Fe226 is the brainchild of Danish businessman, Morten Søndergaard, a former senior partner in Implement Consulting Group. Søndergaard said “Like Helle, and so many others, I am performance driven. Originating from my experience within business, I saw an opportunity for improvement in triathlon apparel. Studies have shown that the time savings of the optimal triathlon suit are often greater compared to e.g. a wheel or aero helmet. That is why we have chosen to work at such a high-level, not only our people, but also the fabrics and technology we are using.”

He continued, “For more than two years we have worked to develop the ultimate aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, light-drying and EnergyReturn 4-way compression suit. We think we have created a unique collection, and therefore we are also very happy and proud that Helle Frederiksen, one of the biggest stars in the triathlon scene, has chosen Fe226 as her race-apparel supplier.”

Fe226 is a Danish sportswear brand focused on the triathlon industry and is owned by Morten Søndergaard, a sports enthusiast and former senior partner and co-owner of the Implement Consulting Group. Fe226 designs, develops and manufactures all clothing in Europe, ‘using only the very best suppliers of fabrics’. The main suppliers of materials come from Italy, France and Scandinavia while the finished clothing is produced in Lithuania and Portugal.

Fe226 has management and sales operations in Scandinavia, with customer service and logistics in Denmark. The product team is in London, while ‘the person in charge of Europe’s largest market, Germany, is located in Hamburg.’

The name Fe226 is a contraction of Fe26, the chemical symbol of the iron element, and 226 which is the total distance in kilometres of the iron distance. Fe226’s slogan is ‘Be Iron’.



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