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Targeting active travel market: Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii joins ActiveTraveler.tv

ActiveTraveler.tv has announced that the Turtle Bay Resort, located on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, is joining its platform to communicate directly to the ‘valuable and growing active traveller target market’.

Tom Kiely, CEO of ActiveTraveler.tv said, “The Turtle Bay Resort is the epitome of an active destination and is a perfect fit with our marketing platform aimed at people seeking fun, adventure and activity as part of their vacation experience. We created ActiveTraveler.tv with short-form video as our primary communication tool and a direct link to our partners, and this allows us to bring Turtle Bay ‘alive’ to vacation planners.”

ActiveTraveler.tv cites research indicating that this target market has an economic impact in the USA of approximately US$600 billion per year [a 100% increase over a five year span] and ‘the biggest subset of this impact is travel related’.

ActiveTraveler.tv is a division of Honolulu based Television, Events and Marketing Inc. It features short-form videos and direct links to resorts, destinations and activities around the world.




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